Trinidad Drilling Rig 704 Villahermosa, Mexico

Trinidad’s mammoth 700 series are rigs everyone wants on their resume (and for good reason). When they were drilling in Villahermosa under our joint venture with Halliburton, these Mexican giants were doing more than catching the eyes of passersby.

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This week on the blog, an up-close look at Rig 142, a CanDrill 1,500 HP AC Triple in our US fleet currently drilling in Midland County, Texas.

Trinidad Drilling Rig 142 Profile

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Trinidad Drilling Rig Manager Mark Valentine Rig 427 #OfftheRig

This is our second #OfftheRig blog post; a series dedicated to our crews and the things they enjoy most on and off the rigs.

This week we chatted with Mark Valentine, 29-year industry veteran and Rig Manager on Rig 427, currently drilling near Estevan, Saskatchewan. Read More

Trinidad Drilling Rig 140 crew July 2016

The 2016 Rio Olympics may have come to an end, but our west Texas crews continue their gold medal performances. Read More

This week on the blog, a peek at Rig 38, the 333,600 daN pad triple, currently drilling near Fox Creek, Alberta, Canada.

Postcard from Trinidad Drilling Rig 38 Alberta, Canada

Enjoy keeping up with our crews all over the world? Check out these postcards from our rigs in Saudi Arabia, CanadaUAE and USA!

2016.08.18 Carriere, Dave CDN RM Rig 421 vF2

Working on some of the safest and most technologically advanced rigs around is something our crews take great pride in. But we know there’s more to life than keepin’ it tight and turnin’ it right.

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Trinidad Drilling Rig 56

After 20 years in the business, we understand each drilling program has its unique challenges. That’s why we’ve designed and upgraded our rigs with features like back-up secondary systems, centralized control systems, moving systems and safety enhancements to drill deeper, longer and more technically challenging wells.

Rig 56, Trinidad’s first 2000 HP rig added to our fleet in 2011, is no exception. Designed with both natural gas and diesel-powered engines, we’re able to adapt the rig’s power source to fit our customer’s drilling programs. Read More

What makes a great drilling rig crew

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Maudiel Alegria Trinidad Drilling International Driller

Although rigging meant putting his Top Gun-inspired childhood dream of becoming a fighter pilot on hold, Maudiel Alegria had a feeling life in the patch had the potential to be (almost) as entertaining. Read More

This week on the blog, an up-close look at Rig 138, a 1,500 HP AC Triple in our US fleet. This speedster is currently operating in the Permian.

Trinidad Drilling Rig 138 Profile 1500 HP AC Triple

Take a look at our other profiles of Rig 703 and Rig 57!

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