2016.08.18 Carriere, Dave CDN RM Rig 421 vF2

Working on some of the safest and most technologically advanced rigs around is something our crews take great pride in. But we know there’s more to life than keepin’ it tight and turnin’ it right.

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Trinidad Drilling Rig 56

After 20 years in the business, we understand each drilling program has its unique challenges. That’s why we’ve designed and upgraded our rigs with features like back-up secondary systems, centralized control systems, moving systems and safety enhancements to drill deeper, longer and more technically challenging wells.

Rig 56, Trinidad’s first 2000 HP rig added to our fleet in 2011, is no exception. Designed with both natural gas and diesel-powered engines, we’re able to adapt the rig’s power source to fit our customer’s drilling programs. Read More

What makes a great drilling rig crew

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Maudiel Alegria Trinidad Drilling International Driller

Although rigging meant putting his Top Gun-inspired childhood dream of becoming a fighter pilot on hold, Maudiel Alegria had a feeling life in the patch had the potential to be (almost) as entertaining. Read More

This week on the blog, an up-close look at Rig 138, a 1,500 HP AC Triple in our US fleet. This speedster is currently operating in the Permian.

Trinidad Drilling Rig 138 Profile 1500 HP AC Triple

Take a look at our other profiles of Rig 703 and Rig 57!

Interested in the rest of our rigs? Visit our website for details on all the rigs in our Canadian, US and International divisions.

Bill Dunbar, Senior Vice President, Trinidad Drilling Canadian Operations

For many of those in the drilling business, starting in the patch fresh out of school was a no-brainer. Some chose this life for their love of iron, some for the money and freedom, and some to be part of a long-standing family tradition.

Starting on the rig as a Floorhand was all Bill Dunbar wanted to do in 1972 – all thanks to his dad who worked for Imperial Oil in the 1950s and 60s when they operated their own drilling rigs.

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This week on the blog, a peek at Rig 124, currently drilling in West Texas, USA.

Rig Postcard from West Texas Trinidad Drilling Rig 124

Enjoy keeping up with our crews all over the world? Check out our rig postcards from Saudi Arabia, Canada and Umm Al-Quwain!

Trinidad Drilling Rigs 48 and 50 pad drilling in Fort Nelson, British Columbia

This is the second post in our two-part pad drilling series.

Two weeks ago, Wayne Kuzio and a few of his Rig Managers took us through a quick crash course with pad drilling 101. This week, we’ll dive into the environmental benefits of pad drilling and its advantages to customers, crews and drilling contractors. Read More

This week on the blog, a peek at Rig 703. This rig was one of four built for deep, high pressure, high temperature wells in southern Mexico.

Trinidad Drilling Rig 703 3600 HP AC Triple Rig Specs

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This is the first post in Trinidad’s two-part pad drilling series.

Pad drilling is the real meal deal – a real “win-win”. According to Wayne Kuzio (Sr. Field Superintendent, industry veteran and pad drilling advocate), it has a firm place in the future of drilling.

“The benefits of pad drilling are even more important during low commodity pricing. It just makes sense from an efficiency, cost, time and environmental standpoint,” said Kuzio.

“In times like these, reducing costs and time per well is something I think we can all get onboard with.”

Kuzio is responsible for a number of rigs in our Canadian fleet, including Rigs 37 and 38, currently drilling on a pad near Fox Creek, Alberta (pictured below).

Trinidad Drilling Rigs T37 and T38 Fox Creek Alberta April 2016

In this post, he and a few of his Rig Managers give us a pad drilling 101 crash course to explain how it all works. Read More


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