This week on the blog, a look at Rig 126, a 2,000 HP Triple in our international fleet, currently drilling in the Ghawar field in Saudi Arabia. This beauty is loaded with advanced safety and performance features to drill deep into the desert sand.

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Trinidad Drilling Rig Specialist Rig Mechanic Rig Electrician

It takes a team of passionate, motivated and roll-up-your-sleeves-type individuals to make a drilling company great. Robert Duke, one of our Rig Specialists in Saudi Arabia, is one of those people. Read More

As more rigs go back to work, we wanted to make sure you’re heading out to the field with your best (safety) foot forward. By sharing these safety ideas with your crews, you’re ensuring there is not one HSE representative on the rig, but five on each and every crew.

1. Every day must be committed to safety – safety takes no vacations

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Since making the trek from our U.S. division to Saudi Arabia in 2014, Rigs 126, 127 and 128 have been in good hands. Not only did all three rigs and their crews ace their recent health and safety audits, but they also celebrated two years with no long-term incidents. No easy task given our joint venture operations in the Middle East began just over two years ago.

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This week on the blog, a look at Rig 46’s evening views at its current location near Hudson’s Hope, British Columbia, Canada. The crews out there wouldn’t trade these “office views” for anything.

It’s no secret that the safety of our crews is a core value at Trinidad Drilling. The moment our employees put on their Trinidad coveralls, they know they’re a part of a tight-knit, supportive and safe team; a team that will set them up for safety and operational success.

As sharing safety ideas is an essential part of our safety culture, it only made sense to give you another set of safety ideas worth spreading. We encourage you to share, print, and post ‘em because working together to make a safer rig is the only way we will achieve an injury-free workplace. Read More

Trinidad Drilling it takes skill to drill

Do you remember your first day on the rigs? All bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to make some cash? As most first days go, we’re willing to bet the work wasn’t 100% what you expected. Although many of you continued your careers in the oil patch, we all know someone that decided rigging just wasn’t for them.

This had us thinking… what does it take to make it on the rigs? So, we decided to ask the experts! Common sense, safety-focus and desire to learn were all common answers. Here’s what else you had to say. Read More

This week on the blog, a look at Rig 58, a 3,000 HP AC Triple in our Canadian fleet loaded with the most technologically advanced drilling equipment in the business.

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Trinidad Drilling Rig 445 and crew

In September 2015, Rig 445 was awarded the Golden Drilling Rig Award by one of Trinidad’s customers in the United States. Just one year later, they’re back at it again. But this time, for another customer. Selected to drill three out-of-the-ordinary horizontal wells in Texas, the crew and their ultra-heavy tele double quickly proved to be the perfect combination for the job. Read More

Trinidad Drilling International Rig Superintendent Jon Harringa #OfftheRig

This is our latest edition of our #OfftheRig blog posts; a series dedicated to our crews and the things they enjoy most on and off the rigs.

This week we chatted with Jon Harringa, one of our Rig Superintendents in Saudi Arabia. Read More