Trinidad and safety: It’s in our culture

We think it’s our passionate and innovative people who make Trinidad Drilling a success, but company-wide we don’t just define success by profits. Keeping each other safe every day is even more important.

Evan Rochon is a Field HSE Supervisor for Trinidad Drilling. He is on the road visiting Trinidad’s Canadian rigs four out of five days a week to mentor and train workers on safety and to audit and inspect the rigs.

“When it comes to safety, everyone works as a team here.” – Evan Rochon, Field HSE Supervisor

“When it comes to safety, everyone works as a team here,” Rochon said. “The buy-in in the office, as well as in the field, is key.”

Trinidad’s fleet utilizes the most advanced technology, which helps reduce risk for our workers, but we also emphasize behavior-based safety.

Rochon explained that in the field the Rig Manager is instrumental to setting a safety culture and high standards for the rest of his or her team.

“We try our best to talk to everyone out there,” said Rochon about visiting a rig, “but a lot of our time is with the Rig Manager and Driller and Derrickhand because those are the three major people that the whole rig will look up to for advice.”

Trinidad believes that training is one of the best ways to improve safety. Green hands receive a thorough orientation and are assigned a mentor once they get to the field. The mentor will watch over the new team member and help teach correct procedures to ensure he or she doesn’t get hurt.

“Trinidad has this Trinidad Essential Skills training program that goes along with our orientation,” said Rochon. “Someone, like a Driller or a Rig Manager, will verify that (the green hand is) completing a task correctly within our protocol. Once they are, they are able to go out and complete that task by themselves without having that mentor watch them anymore.”

Trinidad’s total recordable incident frequency is one of the best in the industry and is the lowest compared to any major drilling contractor in Canada, and we continually strive to make that number better by learning from past incidents and constantly evaluating equipment and training procedures.

“I think what sets us apart is our mentality – our safety culture alone – we have buy-in. People believe in what we’re doing, and they want to do it the right way,” said Rochon. “They don’t want to do it because someone is telling us to do it; they want to do it because it is the right thing to do.”

For more information on Trinidad’s commitment to company-wide safety visit our HS&E page. You can also learn more about joining Trinidad’s team in our careers section.

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