Staying on top with technology

Any person who has spent time in the field can tell you a worker is only as good as his or her tools. In drilling, good equipment incorporates the best technology. Trinidad Drilling has the edge in our industry because our fleet is one of the most technically advanced.

Jamie Simms is a Technical Supervisor with Trinidad Design & Manufacturing. He and his team work in our in-house facility to develop equipment control systems. He knows first hand about the role technology plays in our business.

“Technology has enabled Trinidad to build high-performance equipment, and in the drilling industry, performance is the key indicator of success,” said Simms.

Results for our customers

Our ability to innovate has been one of the keys to our rapid growth over the last 17 years. Simms’s team plays a big role in this.

“We keep up to date on new advancements in control technology and perform in-house testing on new equipment designs to ensure it will meet the demanding conditions of the field,” he explained.

Trinidad listens to our customers, stays on top of new developments and then responds with superior equipment. For example, in Simms’s area of expertise, the latest in wireless communication, industrial networks, fiber-optic systems and powerful control hardware are utilized.

“Integrating the various pieces of equipment into one platform has created our own reliable and efficient system that sets us apart from our competitors,” said Simms.

Safety for our crews

Our skilled team is one of our greatest assets, and we work together every day to make sure they stay safe. Our goal at Trinidad is to have an injury-free workplace, and utilizing technology helps us with that goal. For example, Simms pointed out that utilizing remote-controlled equipment has helped eliminate the need for operators to be in potentially hazardous situations.

“The automatic safety features that we incorporate into our equipment ensure it is operated safely within the manufacturers’ guidelines,” Simms added as an example of the way Trinidad is using technology to enhance safety.

Simms explained that zone-management systems also help keep workers safe. These systems monitor equipment, he said, to prevent accidental collisions or perform shutdowns when workers are in the path of moving components.

Technology: It just makes sense

You expect the best technology in your truck, on your phone – even on your TV, and you should definitely expect it of your drilling rig.

Learn more about Trinidad by reading about our services, or check out our careers section to learn more about becoming a member of team Trinidad.

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