Sharing success: We grow as you grow

Brent Kryzanowski and his wife on vacation in San Francisco.
Brent and his wife on vacation in San Francisco.

Brent Kryzanowski has been with us pretty much since the beginning. He started in 1996 when we were a Saskatchewan-based company with only one rig. Back then he was a Motorhand. Now, we have 134 rigs operating in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, and Brent works as our Top Drive Superintendent.

Brent’s career growth is emblematic of Trinidad’s story. Over the last 17 years we have risen to the top of our industry by staying on top of technology, by listening to our customers and through the hard work of people like Brent.

OK, back to 1996 (you remember 1996, it was the year “Independence Day” starring Will Smith came out). Back then Brent was working on Rig #1 north of Lloydminster, Sask. By 1998 he was a Driller. Three years later he was a Rig Manager. The man who promoted him to Rig Manager was a Field Superintendent named Lyle Whitmarsh – who is now Trinidad’s CEO. As Trinidad grew, so did the opportunities for Brent.

In 2005, Brent was invited by Whitmarsh to come to Trinidad’s new operations facility in Nisku, Alta., to oversee the construction of 10 new drilling rigs. Eventually, he landed his current gig overseeing the entire top-drive department for Trinidad’s Canadian fleet.

“This company continually promotes from within.” – Brent Kryzanowski, Top Drive Superintendent

“This company continually promotes from within, giving its employees the opportunity to grow their careers within,” said Brent.

What has kept him here all these years? Brent said it is the career advancements available to him, the caliber of team he gets to work with and the family-company feel – something he said has stayed the same even with Trinidad’s growth.

A lot of the aspects of Trinidad that attracted Brent to the company in 1996 are still values the company lives by. Brent said back then Trinidad had newer, safer equipment than some other companies in the industry and a work schedule that appealed to him. Today, Trinidad still has one of the most advanced fleets in the industry, which translates into safer working conditions for its employees. In fact, Trinidad has 43 per cent fewer workplace incidents than the industry average and offers great benefits to employees such as paid tuition for apprenticeship training.

“Trinidad will continue to be a leader in the industry because of their commitment to their employees with safety, technology and innovation,” said Brent. “This provides the client first-class equipment with first-class people to operate it.”

Brent has worked hard for the opportunities he has earned for himself and for his family, but his years at Trinidad haven’t just been about the job.

“The memories that I hold close to me are the working relationships that have evolved into strong friendships,” Brent said.

Read more about Brent on our Trinidad success stories page or visit our careers section to learn more about joining the Trinidad team.

Learn more about our history and our growth on our history page.

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