Rig 108: 6 years on the job with no recordable incidents

Meet the crew of Trinidad Rig 108. Rig 108 operates in Reeves County, Texas, and drills in the West Texas Permian basin. It has been commissioned for six years, and in that time its crews have never had a recordable incident.

Mike Sasser is the HSE Manager for Trinidad’s US Southern Division ­– which includes Rig 108. His job is to build a proactive safety culture on Trinidad’s rigs.

“People have to understand safety is personal. It is about them at the end of the day. We want everyone to return home the way they came to work,” explained Sasser.

Sasser, who is based out of Spring, Texas, said there are two main reasons Rig 108 is such a safe place to go to work:

Trinidad Rig 108
Trinidad Rig 108

1. Leadership

“The leaders at the rig have to make safety as important as operations,” said Sasser. “Safety has to be part of the job and not ‘the paperwork we have to do.’”

2. The crew is one big family

“When I attend milestone meetings, I ask the crews how they made it, and they always say, ‘we are a family.’ They want to look out for each other,” Sasser explained.

Rig 108 is not the only safety success story in Sasser’s division. His team has five other rigs that have gone four years without an incident.

Trinidad’s Canadian fleet also has a safety record to be proud of. Trinidad’s total recordable incident frequency is the lowest compared to any major drilling contractor in Canada.

Trinidad’s proactive approach to safety:

Sasser explained that one of the keys to keeping Trinidad’s teams safe is a proactive rather than reactive approach to preventing incidents. A tool Trinidad uses to teach this approach is the Proactive Safety Triangle (below). The triangle highlights what Sasser said has been key to Rig 108’s outstanding safety record: all members of the team need to be safe for themselves, their families and for each other ­– not just because they are told they have to.

Proactive Safety Triangle (Click image for a larger version)
Proactive Safety Triangle (Click image for a larger version)

“We are getting better at trending data to predict where support is needed,” Sasser added. “Reporting lookouts, near misses, minor injuries . . . and so on helps us to see what is going on with a rig and its crews.”

We take care of each other

If you are interested in joining a rig with an amazing safety record, check out our careers section for opportunities.

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