Rig spotlight: Trinidad Rig 57

If you’ve been following our blog posts, you probably know by now we’re proud of our fleet of 134 rigs (and growing). We are proud of the advanced technology used to build them, and we are proud of the best-in-the-business crews who operate them safely. Our “Rig spotlight” series is all about – ­to be honest – bragging up these rigs. This week we want to tell you about Rig 57.

The rig:

Rig 57 has been in operation since April 2012. Its Rig Manager, Kevin Dobson, explained that the relatively new rig was built for its current project – SAGD-well drilling south of Fort McMurray, Alta. (SAGD is an acronym for Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage).

Trinidad Rig 57 (click image to view interactive map in Rig Hunter)
Trinidad Rig 57 (click image to view interactive map in Rig Hunter)

Here are some stats:

Rig type: Cantilever triple with full walking capability
Depth: 7,500 metres
Mast height: 43.28 metres

Dobson pointed out that the rig has three 1,600 HP mud pumps.

“If one pump needs maintenance while drilling, we can drill ahead with high pump rates,” said Dobson.

Learn more about Rig 57’s inventory and specifications here.

Its crew:

“We have three seven-man crews which work a rotation of two weeks on and one week off,” explained Dobson.

With Dobson leading the team, each of the three crews is made up of:

  • One Driller
  • Two Derrickhands
  • One Motorhand
  • Two Floorhands (or roughnecks)
  • One Leasehand

Its leader:

As far as pushing tools goes, Dobson is a veteran. The father of five has been in the oil and gas business for 19 years, been a Rig Manager for nine and spent the last six of those years with Trinidad. When we asked him why Trinidad is a good company to work for, here’s how he laid it out for us:

“(Trinidad) has the best rig utilization in the industry; their safety programs are good and they stand by them; they have a good benefits plan for me and my family.”

Dobson’s next career stop is going to be at Trinidad Rig 58, a new rig build. He will be getting more involved in the fabrication, rig-up and commissioning stages and will be helping to ensure there is field-level input as the rig is being constructed.

Its safety record:

As of Jan. 24, the rig was on day 484 without a recordable incident.

Join our team:

Both experienced rig hands and newbies looking to get started in the business should check out our careers section for info on joining our team.

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