5 reasons you’ll want to work for Trinidad

There’s a scene in the movie “You, Me and Dupree” with Owen Wilson when Wilson’s fun-loving but unemployed character says in a job interview, “I don’t live to work. It’s more the other way around . . . ”

We all have to work for a living (or most of us anyway). You choose a career and a company based on which one will provide the best life for you and your family.

You probably already know that rig work pays well, that is pretty standard no matter what drilling company you go work for, but take a look at these five reasons you will want to work for our drilling company:

Trinidad Advantage poster

What do we mean by benefits from day one?

We mean health, dental and prescription-drug coverage starts on your first day with us.

According to Ryan Aidla, Human Resource Manager at Trinidad Drilling, this is a perk very few companies offer.

“We chose to do this because we want to make sure that our employees are covered, so the families that are out there depending on this have health care, have dental and have prescription-drug coverage,” said Aidla.

Aidla explained that the program is great for experienced rig hands who want to change companies because they won’t lose their benefits while they are making the switch.

Note: Employees are eligible for life insurance, long-term disability and short-term disability after three months of employment.

What do we mean by Paid Apprenticeship?

Rig work is a trade, just like being an electrician or a carpenter, explained Aidla. There is a Canadian industry mandate that Motorhands, Derrickhands and Drillers (Rig Tech 1, 2 and 3) have to complete the Rig Technician Apprenticeship Program. Each of the three Rig Tech levels combines on-the-job training with a four-week classroom course.

“If the employee successfully completes that program and comes back to us, we pay for the program, and we also provide a living-out allowance, so that person is not terribly out of pocket for having gone to school so they can move forward in the trade,” explained Aidla.

What do we mean by custom-competency programs?

We have a Trinidad Essential Skills training program that ensures all our employees in all crew positions are able to perform the skills required for our rigs to operate at the highest level and to keep our teams safe.

“When we go to a client we can say proudly that our individuals are highly trained; they have been shown everything that needs to be done; they’ve been witnessed and signed-off on; and they should be able to handle themselves on virtually any rig on our fleet,” explained Aidla.

This program is a plus for our team because they receive some of the best training in the business and have the option to move between Trinidad rigs (even internationally).

What do we mean by fresh iron?

Aidla explained that a lot of experienced rig hands come work for Trinidad because they want to handle some of the biggest, newest rigs in the industry. Not to mention, our rigs are some of the best maintained. For example, Aidla pointed out that Trinidad refurbishes rigs each spring. Let’s face it: it’s just safer to be working on new and well-maintained equipment

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