Drilling: A career without borders

We talk a lot in our blog about the opportunities our rig hands have for career growth, but we understand career growth means different things to different people. For some, it is as much about getting to work in new places as it is about moving up the corporate ladder.

Because we drill throughout North America and are now expanding into Saudi Arabia, our employees have opportunities to work internationally. Take Cam Good. He’s a born and raised Albertan who works as a Field Superintendent with Trinidad’s operations in Mexico.

About Cam Good, Field Superintendent:

Work location: Based out of Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico
Home: Alberta, Canada
Years of drilling experience: 27
Schedule: 28/28 rotation. 28 days at work, two days of travel and 26 days at home with his family.

About Good’s gig:

Trinidad recently announced it will be building four new rigs to operate in Mexico through its joint venture with Halliburton. While Good is waiting for the new, high performance rigs, he is working in the U.S., but once construction is complete, he will resume his duties further south. Good started doing work in Mexico in 2009.

Getting the Goods: 7 questions with Cam

Did you always want to work internationally? 

I had never planned on going abroad to work. I kind of stumbled into it but am very glad I got the opportunity to do so. A buddy of mine, and former Rig Manager I had worked for, encouraged me to try it out.

How is life on the rigs different for the hands in Mexico than it is in Canada?

Life on the rigs in Mexico? It is hot! One of our biggest safety concerns is dehydration and overheating of workers. The men need to watch out for one another to ensure that they are keeping hydrated and allowing their bodies to cool properly.

Describe the drilling work you are doing there:

We have been drilling wells from 2,800 metres to 3,600 metres, spud to completion, with the wells being tied into pre-laid pipelines immediately after we have moved the rig off of the well center. We are currently awaiting the construction completion of new and improved iron (3,000 horsepower, A/C drive), and then we will begin our contract with Halliburton in the Villahermosa area.

Do you get to take some time to enjoy the warmer climate?

Days are very busy with operations: daily trips out to rigs, meetings with our client, paperwork . . . the list goes on. That being said, we do get to experience a different way of life and a different attitude towards life when we are at work. I do, however, visit Mexico on a regular basis with my family on vacation during my scheduled time off.

You’ve spent most of your life in the drilling industry, but you did leave briefly to try being an Accountant, tell us about that.

I started as a roughneck when I was 18 and worked my way up through the ranks to Field Superintendent. Twenty-seven years later, here I am. I did take two years off to go to college and take a run at being an accountant. After graduating, I moved to Saskatoon, Sask., and worked as a Junior Accountant but realized after eight months that I belonged on a rig! I have never regretted that decision.

How long have you been with Trinidad?

I have been with Trinidad since they acquired Jade Drilling in 2004. I started with Jade Drilling in 1994, so basically I have been with the same company for 20 years now. There are many guys who I have worked with over these last 20 years who are still employed with Trinidad. In my opinion, that says a ton about what Trinidad Drilling is like to work for and how well they handle their employees.

What do you enjoy most about working for Trinidad?

Trinidad is an excellent company to work for. We are a leader in the industry in safety performance and technologically-advanced equipment.

Trinidad has afforded me the opportunity to experience many different areas of work. The entire province of Alberta, southern Saskatchewan, northern B.C., Mexico, and I am currently working as a Rig Manager in Oklahoma/Texas, USA (while waiting for the Mexico operation to fire back up).

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