From the field to the office

Steve Bozko
Steve Bozko

For the last year, Steve Bozko has been putting on a collared shirt to go to work instead of coveralls. After 11 years in the field, the new dress code was a change. The former roughneck, who came to Trinidad in 2006 so he could work on some new iron, is now sitting behind a desk in downtown Calgary.

“I was comfortable working long hours, outside exposed to all the elements, getting dirty and spending long periods of time away from home,” said Bozko. “I became very accustomed to being away and was very proud of the work I was doing in the field. I loved it.”

But Bozko also wanted to learn more about the business side of the industry, so he took the next step in his career: from Rig Manager of Rig 49 in northern B.C. to Contracts Manager in our corporate head office.

“Before I took the job in the office, I never truly understood how the rigs went to work,” he said. “It was eye opening to see how hard everyone works in the office so far from the rigs.”

Using field knowledge as a Contracts Manager

As the Contracts Manager, Bozko maintains relationships with Trinidad’s customers. His knowledge of the field is instrumental to his job. Every day when he gets to work, he reviews operational reports and safety reports from the Canadian rigs and communicates with Field Superintendents to ensure rigs are operating as they should be.

The transition to the office

Bozko said he had “no choice” but to be organized and to manage his time while he was a Rig Manager, and those skills have helped him in his new gig. He admitted switching to an office job took him out of his “comfort zone,” but he was able to learn the ropes quickly thanks to mentors and good leadership.

“This is a big company with a small company feel where you can walk right into the CEO’s office and share stories about the weekend,” said Bozko of Trinidad’s roughneck turned CEO.

According to Bozko, there are elements of working in an office that are similar to being on a rig.

“The camaraderie in the field is very similar to the office. You build strong relationships with the people you work with and eventually they become close friends. You look out for one another and everyone becomes an extension of your family,” he said.

The big question: Has the office changed him?

“In the office I wear different clothes and curse a little less, but I am still the same guy,” he joked.

Career growth with Trinidad

Trinidad continually promotes from within no matter what your career aspirations are. For some, career growth means getting the opportunity to work internationally or to lead your own crew. For others, it may mean taking a job in our head office.

“This is a company that will see your talents and work with you to help you grow as a person and employee,” said Bozko. “Trinidad is invested in you no matter what your position is today. Set your goals high and eventually you will achieve them. “

Check out our Careers page for opportunities to advance your career with us.

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