Benefits from day 1: Our Canadian benefits plan explained

One of the advantages to joining our team is you start receiving benefits your first day on the job (with many companies, benefits don’t kick in until after three months). We know going three months without health and dental coverage isn’t an option for many rig hands and their families, so we’re proud to offer this to our employees.

3 things to know about our benefits plan:

  1. You’re eligible for health, dental, paramedical and other benefits from your first day on the job (long-term disability, RRSP matching and medical absence are the only benefits you have to wait three months for).
  2. Every employee is equal: Our field employees and our office employees are on the same plan.
  3. Our plan is competitive with other companies in the drilling industry. Some areas of our policy, such as our paramedical coverage, are even superior.

Here are some of the highlights of our Canadian benefits policy. Please remember this is just a general overview. If you are thinking about starting a career with Trinidad, please ask your Recruiting Coordinator for a detailed policy summary.

Benefits from day 1:

After new employees submit their enrolment cards, they are eligible for these benefits:

Extended health care: Trinidad’s plan covers 80 per cent of the cost of prescription drugs, and we offer 100 per cent coverage for things like private and semi-private hospital expenses, eligible medical equipment and ambulance costs.

Dental care: The cost of basic, endodontic and periodontal dental work is 80 per cent covered, and we also offer some coverage for major restorative services and orthodontic services.

Paramedical coverage: The paramedical section of our plan sets us apart from other employers. “Paramedical” refers to visits to a chiropractor, physiotherapist, massage therapist, naturopath, etc. We cover each of these services (and more) up to $500 per service per calendar year.

A lot of other companies only offer $300 per calendar year on paramedical,” explained Mai Giang, Trinidad’s Canadian Benefits Admin. “Some companies even combine the chiropractic and physiotherapy maximum. Others might have a maximum of $500 but only cover 80 per cent of each visit or a set amount. Our plan covers 100 per cent up to the maximum.”

Health-spending account: This is an account for medical expenses not covered by our regular plan. Individuals get $250 per plan year, and families get $500 per plan year (prorated based on date of hire because a plan year is Jan. 1 to Dec. 31).

Other benefits include life benefits, dependent life benefits and emergency travel assistance.

Join our team:

Benefits from day one is just one of many “Trinidad advantages.” We are committed to the career growth of our employees, and the safety of our team is our top priority. Plus, we offer industry-leading training and the opportunity to work on some of the best rigs in the business.

Check out our Careers page and apply to join our team today.

*Please note, this is a very general overview of our benefits policy and does not represent all rules and exclusions. This post should not be used as a policy guide. For current employees, please refer to the policy booklet you received when you enrolled in the plan.

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