Our community: Why we support STARS

If you live in the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Manitoba or Saskatchewan, chances are you’ve heard of STARS.

STARS (Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service) transports critically-ill or injured patients by helicopter from rural or remote areas to hospitals where they can receive urgently-needed care.

STARS“We bring the emergency room right to the patient at times when seconds can be the difference between a positive and negative outcome,” said David Fairbanks, communications coordinator with the STARS Foundation.

STARS saves lives. That is why we support the non-profit organization’s work every year.

The impact of STARS in numbers:

  • More than 26,000: The number of missions STARS has flown since 1985.
  • 2,686: The number of missions STARS flew in 2013.
  • 24: The hours a day STARS helicopters are available.
  • 10: The number of helicopters in its fleet.
  • 6: The number of bases it operates in Western Canada. 

In addition to helping those in rural and remote areas, STARS will also move patients from community hospitals to major medical centres.

Why we help:

“STARS relies on the generosity of organizations like Trinidad to ensure we can be there for patients when they need us,” said Fairbanks, who explained that in Alberta, around 70 per cent of their funding comes from corporate and private donations (the remaining 30 per cent comes from the province).

“Helicopter EMS services are, simply put, not cheap,” stated Fairbanks.

Trinidad has donated more than $950,000 to STARS. This donation comes from our annual customer appreciation charity golf tournament – which is supported by our partners as well.

Here are three reasons why it’s important for us to donate to STARS:

  1. Our rigs operate in some of the remote and rural areas STARS serves, and we’re committed to providing a safe work environment for our team.
  2. We take care of our employees and their families, and STARS helps the communities where they work and live.
  3. We want to give back to the communities where we operate.

STARS is not the only organization we support. We donate to local sporting activities, youth groups and charities because getting involved is our corporate responsibility. Plus, supporting communities where our employees live and work is part of taking care of our team.

Interested in joining the Trinidad team? View our career postings here.

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