4 reasons you should work with a well-trained crew

Trinidad Drilling crew

Our crews are some of the most skilled and knowledgeable in the drilling business, and we’re committed to growing their careers and keeping them safe. As part of that commitment, Trinidad created a company-wide training program called Trinidad Essential Skills Training (T.E.S.T.) to help ensure members of our team have a safe and successful career.

Why this T.E.S.T. is one you’ll want to take

T.E.S.T. is a competency-assurance program. The program clearly defines performance standards for each position on a rig. Rig hands are assessed on these standards to ensure they can competently perform the skills required for their position. The assessment (see example below) is designed to ensure field hands have the knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes required to do their job correctly and safely.Trinidad Essential Skills Training

“T.E.S.T. is simply another tool that helps us be more consistent and thorough in our training process, so that all our team members are fully trained in all the essential skills for their role,” said Lynn Sikorski, Trinidad’s Director of Talent Management. “T.E.S.T. sets the standard for performance and training of our rig team members across the organization.”

T.E.S.T. defines the skills needed for the Driller, Derrickhand, Motorhand and Floorhand positions. Every hand working on a Trinidad rig will be part of the program.

We started rolling-out the program this year, and ­so far, our crews are happy to be part of it. Here are four reasons why:

1. Better training = safer rigs

The T.E.S.T. program helps Rig Managers ensure that each crew member not only knows the skills required for their position but can also perform those skills safely.

“Skilled crews have fewer incidents and injuries, and generally morale is much better,” explained Sikorski.

Here’s what a Trinidad Floorhand said about how this program makes rigs safer:

“When everyone is trained, and they know what to do, it makes my job easier because I don’t have to worry about someone doing something wrong and hurting me in the process.”

2. A defined path to success

The T.E.S.T. program creates a consistent standard for all of our rigs, so rig hands know what they need to do to advance their careers because expectations for each role are written down.

“Here at Trinidad, we take care of our people, investing in them for the long term. Trinidad is investing in the development of each and every one of our people and laying out a well-defined career path for progression,” said Lyle Whitmarsh, Trinidad’s CEO.

T.E.S.T. takes “the guesswork out of promotions,” as one Rig Superintendent told us.

3. Work smarter not harder. Clear expectations = efficient crews

The T.E.S.T. program can help crews work together more efficiently.

Here’s what one of our Floorhands said:

“Everything runs smoother when people do what they’re supposed to do and do it right the first time. It can be frustrating when your cross-shift is not doing things right and you have to fix it.”

4. Improved performance

Our crews take pride in operating some of the best-performing rigs in the industry.

Rigs operate at peak performance when every crew member does their job correctly, and well-trained crews better maintain equipment (which means less down time for rigs).

“Our highly-qualified and skilled people set us above our competition, and T.E.S.T. is one of the ways we are maintaining this differentiation,” explained Brent Conway, President of Trinidad Drilling.

Join the Trinidad Drilling team:

Industry-leading training is just one of many reasons to join Trinidad’s team.

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