3 things you should know about our U.S. benefits plan

Trinidad Drilling - Rig 106

In May, we wrote a post about our Canadian benefits plan. This week, we wanted to do the same for our U.S. operations (close to half of our fleet drills in the U.S.).*

Our U.S. employees are part of an extensive plan that is very competitive with other benefits packages in the industry. In fact, our U.S. plan “ranks in the 75th percentile among drilling contractors based on survey data results,” said Pamela Davis, a Benefits Administrator who works out of Trinidad’s office in Spring, Texas (just north of Houston). 

Davis helped us break down Trinidad’s U.S. benefits package into three main things you should know:

1. The plan is comprehensive

Trinidad’s U.S. employees receive benefits for health, dental, vision, life insurance (for employees and eligible dependents) and short-term disability.

Benefits begin on the first day of the month following 30 days of employment,” explained Davis.

2. We help with retirement planning

Trinidad offers a 401(k) retirement plan; Trinidad will match an employee’s contributions up to four per cent. 

3. Benefits mean you are getting a lot more than a paycheck

When looking for a job, it is tempting to just consider salary (which is important, don’t get us wrong). However, you may also want to consider “total compensation,” which is your salary plus extra benefits such as health, dental, retirement planning, etc.

Davis explained that with Trinidad, “on average, the total compensation value can be as much as another 36 per cent in addition to an employee’s base salary.”

When people join Trinidad, Davis said they are often impressed with how comprehensive the benefits package is.

Join the Trinidad Drilling team:

Health and retirement plans are not the only benefits of joining our team. Whether you work in Canada, the U.S. or internationally, we are committed to giving our employees the following:

Apply to join Trinidad’s team today.

* Factors such as public/private healthcare systems, currency value and cost of living mean Canadian and U.S. plans are structured differently. However, both plans are competitive within their respective industries.

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