Trinidad Drilling reaches lowest TRIF in its history

Trinidad Drilling

Trinidad’s Canadian rigs are the safest they have ever been and some of the safest in the country.

“The company has achieved its lowest TRIF (total recordable incident frequency) in its history,” said Jay McNeil, Trinidad’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “In Canada, we’re 52 per cent better than the rest of the industry.”

At the end of June, the combined TRIF for Trinidad Specialty and Canadian Drilling was 1.48. A drilling company’s TRIF is a 12 month rolling average that indicates how often there is a recordable safety incident on a company’s rigs.

“This is an all-time low for us, so it’s a pretty significant milestone,” said McNeil.

Why Trinidad’s rigs are some of the safest in the drilling business

McNeil attributed Trinidad’s impressive safety record to a few factors:

1. Team work at Trinidad

“It takes a team effort from the top right down to the newest member of the team in the field,” McNeil said about creating a safe work environment on Trinidad’s rigs.

In the field, Trinidad’s employees are committed to doing their jobs safely because they are committed to keeping each other safe.

“Not only do our crews want to go home safely to their families, they spend so much time together, their fellow crewmembers are their families as well,” he said.

2. Leadership

Creating a company wide safety culture requires leadership at every level: from Rig Managers to the CEO.

“Our CEO is a former roughneck. He understands the inherent dangers of working on a rig, so he’s extremely committed to making sure that nobody gets hurt,” McNeil explained. “When your CEO is doing that, it filters all the way down the organization.”

3. A proactive safety culture

Identifying risks before they turn into incidents (through practices such as tracking near misses) is another way Trinidad is making its rigs safer.

“Instead of being reactive to safety, we’re being proactive,” McNeil explained. “We’re trying to make sure nobody gets hurt. Period.”

Ensuring crews are well trained is a key component of creating a proactive safety culture. That is why Trinidad developed a company wide training program called T.E.S.T. (Trinidad Essential Skills Training), which helps ensure that every Trinidad rig hand has the knowledge and skills needed to perform their job safely.

4. Technology at work

McNeil explained that technology is also part of the reason Trinidad’s rigs are safer. Eighty per cent of Trinidad’s fleet is made up of high-performance rigs. These rigs feature advanced technologies, such as integrated control systems and pipe-handling systems, that help automate potentially dangerous tasks.

Join the Trinidad Drilling team:

Are you committed to safety and want to work with a company that shares that commitment? Check out our careers page for opportunities to join our team.

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