Rig work: 3 things drilling companies want from you, 3 things you need from them

Trinidad Drilling rigFinding the right job is like dating: both parties need to be looking and interested in each other to make it work.

Well, we’re looking. Right now, Trinidad’s Canadian division is hiring experienced hands to work on our growing team.

“Given our high utilization rate and the addition of rigs to our fleet, we require additional key people,” said Sandi Berube, Human Resources Manager with Trinidad Drilling.

In this post, we’ll tell you the top three things we’re looking for in experienced hands and the top three things you can expect from us.

3 things Trinidad looks for in job applicants

1. Do you have the right experience, skills and values?

All positions on a rig other than Leasehand require previous oilfield experience. When Trinidad receives an application, the first thing we look at is your work history.

“We look at the candidate’s total rig experience, experience by position and experience by rig type,” Berube explained.

When evaluating applications, we’re trying to find people whose values match Trinidad’s values. People who are . . .

 2. Are you available to travel?

Trinidad’s rigs operate all over Western Canada, often in remote areas, so if a candidate is willing to travel to work, they have a better chance of landing a job.

“Candidates who are capable of working both non-camp jobs and camp jobs will have the most opportunity for work, as they can be considered for any job that we have available,” said Berube, who added that Trinidad currently has some openings for fly-in positions.

 3. Are you ready to go?

Trinidad consistently obtains a high utilization rate, which means our teams have more consistent work year round. However, factors such as lifted road bans, high oil prices and demand for our services mean that we may need people on short notice.

“Since rig work is seasonal and jobs tend to come up last minute, it is essential that we are able to contact our candidates quickly,” explained Berube. “Individuals who answer calls or return messages quickly will have the greatest opportunity.”

3 things you should expect from a drilling company

You know best what you look for in an employer, but here are three things we think are important:

 1. Commitment to safety

Safety should be the No. 1 priority of any drilling contractor. Our TRIF (total recordable incident frequency) is 52 per cent better than the industry average.

You can read more about our commitment to safety here.

 2. Benefits from day 1

In Canada, we offer health benefits from the first day you join our team (so your son or daughter doesn’t have to wait three months to go to the dentist).

You can read about our Canadian benefits plan here.

 3. High-performance rigs run by high-performance teams

Our rigs are built with the most advanced technology, which makes them safer for our crews. This fresh iron attracts quality people, so our crews are some of the best in the business.

“Because of these factors, Trinidad is able to obtain and retain work for our rigs, which turns into more work for our field employees,” said Berube.

Our crews end up sticking around because we take care of our team and offer our employees opportunities to grow their careers with us.

Join the Trinidad Drilling team:

If you think working with us would be a good fit for you, apply to join the Trinidad Drilling team today.

Do you have questions about working with Trinidad? Comment below or connect with us on social media.

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  1. Thank you for a informative post which demonstrates your companies professionalism and commitment. I have a credible history of exceeding requirements under any circumstances and have proven the skills (in mega projects) you require i.e. safety conscious, integrity, team player, reliability and much more. As a military university graduate with seven years land based drilling experience in other industries I would appreciate an opportunity to prove myself in the oil and gas industry. Any advice or direction is much appreciated. Many thanks, Durandt Groenewald

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