Trinidad Rig 601: New iron built to drill in Saudi Arabia

This is Trinidad 601 ­– one of our newest, most technically advanced rigs.

Trinidad Rig 601

The triple with a 2,000 HP drawworks was built to drill in Saudi Arabia as part of an international joint venture between Trinidad Drilling and Halliburton.

Saudi Arabia is one of the top oil-producing countries in the world. Last year, Trinidad announced it was expanding its international operations through its joint venture to include this energy powerhouse by moving three upgraded rigs from our U.S. fleet and building Trinidad 601.

Drew Jacobi, the Rig Up Supervisor who oversaw the build, calls the rig “a gem.” He walked us through some of the technology used in this state-of-the-art machine.

Trinidad 601 can move

On traditional rigs, moving between drilling sites can be time consuming. The advanced technology used on Trinidad 601 will help cut down on the time it takes to “tear down” and “rig up.”

“It’s going to be a very fast rig to move,” said Jacobi. “That’s the way we designed it and built it.”

Jacobi explained that the rig’s “backyard” (i.e. mud pumps, generators, etc.) will be on trailers, which will make moving rig locations faster.

“Unplug all your stuff, hook onto it with a semi and pull away,” he explained.

Instead of dismantling the rig’s derrick in sections (like is done on traditional rigs), Trinidad 601’s mast can be taken down in one piece. Plus, workers won’t need to remove the top drive from the derrick or lay out the torque track before the rig is moved.

“We’ll tie back the torque track; we’ll tie back the top drive, and they’ll stay in the derrick,” explained Jacobi.

Smarter drilling

Another important feature of Trinidad 601 is its control system. The top drive and iron roughneck controls are integrated into a main system, and the Driller is able to control this system from the safety of the cabin (top drives and iron roughnecks help automate the drilling process, making the rig safer for workers).

Jacobi explained that the rig’s depth-tracking and monitoring system is also state-of-the-art. The system helps make the drilling process more accurate by displaying real-time information about hole depth, mud tank volumes and other rig operations.

Big rig, bright lights

Trinidad 601 is high-tech, and it looks high-tech.

“It’s going to be the brightest rig out in Saudi Arabia,” joked Jacobi. “We’re actually running LED lights on our derrick, and it’s very bright. It’s a very bright rig.”

Check our blog next week for an inside look at how Trinidad 601 was built.

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