Quality control: The secret to building better rigs

Trinidad Drilling

Trinidad Drilling has one of the best fleets in the business because our rigs use advanced technologies and are operated by skilled crews. Plus, we make sure our iron meets high quality standards before it even gets to the field.

Ron Hornbrook is the Quality Assurance/Quality Control Manager with Trinidad Design & Manufacturing. His team is in charge of the quality management system for Trinidad’s equipment.

“A good quality management system can significantly improve our competitive advantage, increase efficiency, reduce repairs in the field and most importantly help improve rig safety,” said Hornbrook.

Here are three ways Hornbrook’s team ensures rigs are top quality:

1. Inspections and testing

Trinidad’s rigs are “rig-orously” tested (excuse the pun) and inspected throughout the building process. Hornbrook explained that, before equipment goes into operation, Trinidad uses factory acceptance testing (F.A.T.) to ensure the finished product meets Trinidad’s high standards.

“This testing involves a suite of tests on the completed unit,” explained Hornbrook. “It is designed to be identical or as close as possible to the actual operation of the drilling rig.”

2. Continuous improvement

In addition to testing new equipment, Hornbrook’s team strives to identify areas for improvement by evaluating how rigs are working in the field.

“We gather information about performance and make reports using statistical analysis to determine which potential defects or deficiencies can be avoided or minimized,” Hornbrook said.

 3. A team that pays attention to detail

Trinidad’s engineers, electricians, welders and fitters know that top-performing rigs in the field are built well in the shop. That is why each person on the design and manufacturing team aims for excellence in their work.

“Trinidad Design & Manufacturing employs the best people,” stated Hornbrook, who explained that every employee is committed to designing and delivering the highest quality and most technically advanced product.

Join the Trinidad Drilling team 

Well-built, quality rigs are one way we are working to keep our crews safe. Want to work on better, safer iron? Apply to join the Trinidad team today.

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