The U.S. oil and gas market: Career Q and A

Trinidad Drilling - Rig 106

If you live in the U.S., you know that America’s energy industry is booming.

In last week’s post, we talked to Tom Horton, Vice President of Business Development and Contracts with Trinidad’s U.S. operations, about the major U.S. plays where Trinidad is operating drilling rigs.

This week, Horton shares his insight on what market activity and Trinidad’s growth means for your career.

Why is this a good time to start a career in oil and gas?

Horton: The drilling market, the oil and gas market, is looking really good. That could all change, but for right now there’s a lot of activity. For a new employee, that presents a lot of opportunities for growth. In general, getting into the oil and gas business is a smart move because of all the opportunities that are available.

Why is this a good time to start a career with Trinidad?

Horton: We’re actively selling new builds, and we are undergoing an upgrade program, where we’re upgrading some of our older rigs. The upgrades will essentially bring rigs up to new-rig status. We’re putting equipment on those rigs that will make them surpass the current requirements for customers, so we’re really thinking of the next wells that are going to be drilled over the next few years.

That’s good for Trinidad employees because we’re adding equipment, we’re upgrading rigs, and so that means more opportunities for them to be on cutting-edge equipment, and that cutting-edge equipment typically gets the better contracts and the longer-term contracts.

Trinidad works hard to secure long-term contracts for its rigs. Why is this strategy good for rig hands?

Horton: It’s good for our crews because they know that the rig they’re working on has work into the future. In the oil business, stability isn’t always part of the picture. So if we’re able to give ourselves, on the business side, and our investors stability, we’re also giving that to our employees because they know that their rig will continue working.

Why is working with Trinidad a good choice for rig hands who want to grow their careers?

Horton: Because we’re growing and that presents a lot of opportunity for new or existing employees to move up, learn what we do and grow with the company.

We need good, hard-working, smart people. A lot of the people that we pull to progress through the company are from our rigs. We’ve got a lot of good folks out there. At the end of the day, our business is running drilling rigs, and it’s good to have people who know how to run drilling rigs to help us run those rigs.

No matter what country Trinidad is operating in, they’re committed to safety. Tell us about the importance of safety on drilling rigs.

Horton: We start any kind of talk with our customers talking about safety.

We have a lot of rigs that are working either without ever having had a recordable injury or that have worked for years and years without having a recordable injury. Our customers care about that.

Safety is all about those guys out there (on the rig) working as a team, and it’s about using the tools that we have as a company to help them work in a safe and efficient manner.

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