You never know where a career with Trinidad Drilling will take you

Trinidad Rig 601

When people think about international assignments, they don’t usually think of roughnecks, but they should!

Trinidad Drilling has expanded our operations into Saudi Arabia, one of the top oil-producing countries in the world, so we’re sending close to 20 Floorhands and Derrickhands from our U.S. and Canadian crews on international assignment.

The assignment: Saudi Arabia

Trinidad has moved three upgraded rigs, and is moving a newly built, state-of-the-art rig, to the Khurais oilfield, about three and a half hours southwest of Dammam, the capital of the Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province.

Trinidad crews have a reputation in the industry for being highly skilled and knowledgeable. That is why we’re sending some of our Floorhands and Derrickhands on temporary foreign assignment – so they can help train our new rig hands in the region on Trinidad’s commitment to safety and performance.

“There is a lot of respect (at Trinidad) for the guys on the rig floor,” said Diane Sutherland, HR Director at Trinidad Drilling. “The people we are looking to send on the Saudi assignment, in particular, are people who understand the Trinidad way, who are highly effective and are high performers. Trinidad prides itself on being a high-performance organization, and these guys really demonstrate that every day.”

Here’s a look at the rigs crews will be running in Saudi Arabia:

The opportunity: Gaining international experience

“Any time you can get international experience it will help your career,” said Sutherland. “When you are mentoring or training somebody or learning something new, you will always come back with more knowledge and a different perspective.”

Temporary foreign assignments allow our team to:

  • Gain leadership skills
  • Secure a predictable schedule and a consistent paycheque (with the potential to earn more, as international assignment workers are paid foreign service premiums)
  • Learn to work with the most technologically advanced equipment in new plays
  • The opportunity to travel, experience different cultures and explore international destinations on days off

“It’s really hard work, but it is going to be an adventure,” said Sutherland.

The Floorhands and Derrickhands Trinidad chooses from our North American team will work a 35/35 hitch (35 days in the field, 35 days to go home or travel).

Career growth with Trinidad Drilling 

Although Trinidad is only sending current employees on this assignment, you can apply to join Trinidad’s team now. Future international and domestic opportunities are always available.

“Trinidad has a very strong belief in promoting from within, and I have seen that demonstrated,” said Sutherland. “It is a core value of the organization, and I think that it is a huge opportunity for anybody that works for Trinidad.”

Apply to join Trinidad Drilling today!

If you’ve worked with Trinidad for a year or more, and you’re a Floorhand or Derrickhand, speak with your Rig Manager to become a part of this temporary foreign assignment.

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  1. This picture corresponds to the Atacama Desert in northern Chile near the border of Bolivia at 5000 meters high in the volcano Apacheta in 2009/2010, where did geothermal wells with that rig to Trinidad Drlling he sold to Estrella International.
    Juan Carlos Colecchio

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