Trinidad drills record lateral well in Texas

Trinidad Drilling rig crew

The crew of Trinidad Rig 135 has earned some bragging rights. Earlier this fall, in Panola County, Texas, they completed the longest lateral that Anadarko Petroleum has ever drilled. 

Horizontal length: 12,606 feet
True vertical depth: 10,859 feet
Measured depth: 22,443 feet

Crew expertise and training was, I think, the key to this achievement,” said Andy Gilcreast, Rig Manager of Rig 135. “Crews were motivated and determined to accomplish this feat while keeping safety the overall highest priority.”

The well was drilled in the Haynesville Shale formation, which stretches across parts of East Texas, southwest Arkansas and northwest Louisiana. Advancements in directional drilling technology are helping companies access shale formations across the U.S.

Rig 135’s record-breaking well took 38 days to complete, from spud to release. Gilcreast, who has worked with Trinidad for almost eight years, noted that the successful completion of this well proves it’s possible to finish technically challenging projects both “safely and in a timely manner.”

“We experienced normal drilling challenges. However, drilling continued with careful planning,” said Gilcreast. “Parameters were set and closely monitored. Although it was a record lateral well, it seemed like just another walk in the park.”

Advanced technology = longer wells

Trinidad Drilling Rig 135

Rig 135, like the majority of Trinidad’s rigs, is outfitted with advanced equipment that allows it to drill deeper and longer. This technology, combined with Anadarko’s advanced down-hole tools (such as Measurement-While-Drilling technology), was a key part of reaching the record depth, Gilcreast explained.

“Well-maintained and state-of-the-art equipment played a big role both top side and down hole,” he said.

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