Trinidad Rig 58: A rig you’ll want to work on

Trinidad Rig 58

At almost 58-metres high, Trinidad Rig 58 is one of the largest rigs in North America. And it’s not only imposing. It’s impressive. The 1,250-kip* rig is loaded with the most technically advanced drilling equipment in the business.

“It’s overwhelming to see the effort of so many produce a rig of this magnitude, with all of its bells and whistles.” – John Glunz, Rig Manager.

“I am honoured to be a part of a project of such technical focus,” said John Glunz, one of the Rig Managers who’ll be in charge of Rig 58. “It’s overwhelming to see the effort of so many produce a rig of this magnitude, with all of its bells and whistles.”

Rig 58, one of Trinidad’s newest rigs, is being built to reach depths over 8,000 metres and will drill natural gas in the Liard Basin, an area being developed to supply proposed LNG (liquefied natural gas) plants on the west coast of British Columbia.

Trinidad Rig 58 - 3

“This rig will attract some elite work in the drilling field. Its size and capabilities are second to none,” said Glunz, who has been in the drilling business for 26 years, 16 of those as a Rig Manager. “I don’t foresee a big turnover in rig workers, as the rig design and long term steady work are a huge attraction.”

The “bells and whistles” of Rig 58

Trinidad Rig 58

Rig 58 is designed to make drilling safer and more efficient, as many of its advanced features automate potentially dangerous tasks.

“This rig is comprised of the newest innovations and advanced drilling technologies to date,” explained Glunz. “It has its own water-purification building and iron derrickhand.”

The iron derrickhand will automate the process of handling pipe and will eliminate the need for the human Derrickhand to work on the monkeyboard (high above the rig floor).

The Derrickhand is not the only one whose job will change. The Driller will get to sit in a cyber chair with drilling controls at his or her fingertips. Glunz quipped that the cyber chair is a bit like Captain Kirk’s on Star Trek.

“We are all looking forward to getting in and trying it out,” Glunz said.

Rig 58 also has a top drive, which gives the Driller more control and decreases manual labor for the rest of the crew; an advanced mud system, which will include bulk-mixing stations; and an automated rig moving system. Plus, the rig itself won’t be the only thing that is technically advanced.

“A lot of our daily safety meetings and rig checks will be done on a tablet,” said Glunz.

Join the Trinidad Drilling team:

More than 85 per cent of Trinidad’s rigs are modern, high-performance machines. These advanced rigs make work easier and safer for our crews. If you want to work on fresh iron, apply to join the Trinidad Drilling team today.

Read more about Trinidad Rig 58:

*1 kip = 450 kilograms of force

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