The top 3 ways Trinidad is minimizing its environmental footprint

Our crews are outside every day. We work alongside stunning natural surroundings, and that is why we are keenly aware that Trinidad, like all companies, has a responsibility to minimize our impact on the environment.

Here are three ways we are doing that:

DSCN01951. Preventing drilling fluid leaks

Rigs use drilling fluid (or “mud”) to control pressure and stabilize the hole while drilling. We are working to make sure fluids don’t leak near the drilling site by engineering containment solutions where spills are likely to occur from the top drive to the mud tank. If a leak does occur, Trinidad has policies in place to safely deal with the incident.

“Newer rigs have built in vacuum services to quickly recover spilled fluids,” explained Darryl Hostyn, HSE Manager for Trinidad’s Canadian drilling division.

We also ensure our equipment is well maintained, which helps to prevent leaks.

2. Reducing air pollution

We are upgrading our rigs with more efficient engines. These engines are powered by natural gas and natural gas/diesel, so they use less fuel and produce less greenhouse gas emissions.

Trinidad has also been using natural gas to power boilers and generators. Hostyn explained that these generators often use natural gas from existing pipelines near the rig.

3. Building more efficient rigs 

More than 85 per cent of Trinidad’s fleet is made up of modern, high-performance rigs. 

The new technologies Trinidad uses on these rigs make drilling operations more efficient. And improved efficiency decreases the amount of energy used throughout the drilling process. For example, innovations in the way rigs are moved have cut down on the trucks required to change well sites.

Even advancements to rig control systems keep vehicles off the road because technicians can troubleshoot problems on a rig remotely.

Join a team that is looking to the future

At Trinidad, one of our core values is environmental awareness. We’re committed to moving the industry forward by using innovation and technology to improve rig safety and performance while reducing our environmental footprint. For example, down the road we expect to add waste-heat capture and recycling systems to our fleet.

Want to join a team that is looking to the future? Learn more about a career with Trinidad Drilling

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