Maintaining integrity as we grow: Feedback from the field matters

The SilentWhistle program at Trinidad is an integral part of ensuring an ethical and safe environment for our employees.

This system is designed for you to provide Trinidad’s management with feedback about our business practices and incidents that we may not see on a daily basis.

We work hard to develop a culture where everyone at Trinidad feels they have a voice – especially when it comes to safety. The SilentWhistle program gives our employees, consultants and partners a completely anonymous avenue to share their concerns or suggestions. 

Input from our employees plays a key role in our business success. For example, feedback from our rig hands helps us find innovative solutions to drilling challenges and helps us develop programs that make our rigs safer.

“We know that the best source of information comes from within our company,” said Ron Parent, Trinidad’s Vice President of Human Resources. “We foster open communication with our employees, but understand the need for confidentiality. Trinidad’s SilentWhistle program provides this anonymity.”

How SilentWhistle works

If you don’t feel comfortable going to a supervisor, the SilentWhistle program is there for you.

Trinidad employees can visit or phone a toll-free number to report issues or concerns. When reporting, you may choose complete confidentiality.

So, is the program actually anonymous? Yes. Here’s why:

  • SilentWhistle is an independent company
  • If a whistle blower doesn’t wish his or her name to be revealed, SilentWhistle is contractually forbidden from disclosing it to Trinidad

What happens next? 

Once the report is made with SilentWhistle, the submission will be directed to the appropriate person within Trinidad’s senior management. If you have chosen the anonymous option, your identity will not be shared with Trinidad.

The program is also open to customers, suppliers and general public who have a concern to report. If you want to use SilentWhistle, click here for more info.

It’s all about integrity

The word “integrity” means a lot to us. It describes how we’ve built our business, how we aim to do business and how we treat the members of our team. The SilentWhistle program is one of many ways we’re making sure that as our company grows, and we maintain the integrity that has been the cornerstone of our business.

Join the Trinidad Drilling team 

Do you bring integrity to your work? Do you want to work with a company that values your input and shares your values? Find out more about a career with Trinidad Drilling.

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