4 safety resolutions every rig worker should make in 2015

Safety on drilling rigs requires that every worker is safe in everything they do . . . Every. Single. Thing.

In order for this to happen, safety needs to be a value you’re committed to in all aspects of life. Why? Because safe attitudes and behaviors are not something that can be turned on and off when you get to and leave work.

“We train our workers with skills they can use at work as well as at home,” said Brad Huber, Trinidad’s General Manager of HSE for Canadian Drilling. “We want our workers bringing their safe behaviours home as well as back to work with them.” 

We want 2015 to be safe for you and your family, so here are four resolutions every rig worker should make this year.

1. Look out for one another

“When you come to work for Trinidad, you become a member of a team,” said Huber. He added, “The people that work together develop lasting friendships and these people genuinely care about one another.”

At work and at home, share your knowledge about safety. This will help you take care of yourself, your family and your work family.

“Make a commitment to intervene if you see something unsafe,” said Huber.

2. Don’t walk by it

Poor housekeeping is a major cause of injuries, Huber pointed out.

“Having a clean work area shows pride in your work,” he said. “Show your pride in working for Trinidad (or any company you work for) and commit to good housekeeping practices.”

Keep your work area tidy for home projects as well. It will keep you and your project helpers safe, plus it will help make good housekeeping second nature when you head back to work.

3. Set a good example for your co-workers and family

“The fact is your kids learn to drive long before they have their license,” Huber explained. “They have been watching you for years.”

The same is true on the rigs. Green hands learn from watching experienced hands. If you set a good example and intervene when you see unsafe activities, you will enhance the rig’s safety culture and prevent incidents.

4. Keep an open mind

To succeed in the drilling business, you need to be willing to learn new technologies and skills as the industry evolves. The same is true for safety. Improved policies and procedures are constantly being developed to make rigs even safer. Embrace those new ideas!

“Keep an open mind and know all the facts before forming an opinion or making a judgment,” said Huber. “There are people with experience that we can really learn from if we listen.”

Why does Trinidad care so much about safety?

Huber explained that safety is not only a priority for Trinidad, it’s a core business value.

“Priorities change, values will not be compromised,” he stated.

“It’s not only the moral and ethical way to do business, but it’s the right thing to do,” he added.

Want to work for a company that is committed to keeping you safe?

Learn more about joining the Trinidad team.

From everyone at Trinidad, have a happy New Year! Please make 2015 your safest year ever.

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