Rig talk: A roughneck’s perspective on life as a Floorhand

Eunice Mosley knows what it’s like to work on the rig floor. The father, husband and Louisiana native is a Floorhand on Trinidad Rig 109 in Texas and has been in the drilling game for almost eight years.

If you choose a career on the rigs, you’ll spend some time as a Floorhand. In this post, we’ll explain what the job entails and include some audio clips from Mosley, so you can hear about the job straight from “the roughneck’s mouth.”

Trinidad Rig 109
Trinidad Rig 109 in Texas. Photo courtesy of Eunice Mosley.

A Floorhand’s responsibilities

On many rigs, Leasehand is the entry-level job. When you get your first promotion, you’ll become a Floorhand.

Here are the main responsibilities of that position:

  • During drilling, manipulate sections of pipe or drill stem at the rig floor
  • Remove and replace the strings of pipe or drill stem and/or the drill bit
  • Assist in setting up and taking down the drilling rig and equipment
  • Handle, sort and move drill tools, pipe, cement and other materials
  • Always maintain a clean and organized work environment

Now that you know what the gig is all about, listen to Mosley talk about his average day at work:

Safety as a team

All the positions on a rig share one important responsibility: Look out for the safety of your fellow crew members.

Mosley’s rig has drilled for close to five years without a recordable incident. Why? Mosley said this achievement has a lot to do with Trinidad’s safety initiatives. One of those initiatives is the “Look-out” program, which teaches crew members to look for, stop and report unsafe activities. The program empowers Trinidad employees to stop unsafe practices and get a commitment from the person doing the task incorrectly that they will perform the job safely in the future.

Here is why Mosley thinks this program helps “elevate the morale of the rig”:

Working for Trinidad Drilling

Mosley likes working with Trinidad because of the company’s commitment to safety. Here are his thoughts on working for, what he calls, a “top-notch company”:

Interested in learning more about job opportunities with Trinidad Drilling? Visit our careers page.

Want to learn more about other positions on a rig? Check out our “A day in the life of a rig worker” series.

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