Your photos: Vote for the best rig shot

When you look at these shots taken by members of Trinidad’s Canadian drilling team, it’s easy to understand why roughnecks love to work outdoors.

Here are eight of our favourite photos sent in by Trinidad rig hands (who should also moonlight as photographers). Tell us your pick for the best photo by voting at the bottom of this page.

8 photos from the field

Still want to see more iron? Check out these shots of Trinidad rigs.

The Trinidad Drilling team

Want to learn more about working on one of these rigs? Visit our careers page.

Send us your photos

Have you taken a great shot in the field? Share it with us on social media. Just make sure to be safe by following these guidelines:

Remember, employees are not allowed to have cameras, phones or other electronics with them while working on the rig. If you want to snap a photo, make sure it’s taken from a distance before or after your shift.

For example, taking a photo of the sun rising over the rig before your shift starts is OK. Taking photos once your shift starts or while on the rig is not OK, as this is not an activity that is considered to be in the course and scope of your employment duties and may put the safety of yourself or others at risk.

Thanks for being sure to take care of yourself and your fellow crew members.

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