What’s your oil field perspective?

Mexico 506Trinidad just had an anniversary. We’ve been on social media for over a year! During this time, we’ve connected with a lot of hard-working people in the oil and gas industry from around the world. We love receiving your photos of rigs in the field, answering your questions about work in the drilling industry and learning your perspective on oil field life.

That’s why we decided this blog post would be all about you. You’ve read our viewpoint on safety, technology and careers in the oil patch. Now it’s time to feature your voice. We scrolled through our Twitter feed, scoured our LinkedIn page and searched our Facebook comments to find some of your ideas on these important topics.

Your perspective on safety

We said: Technology helps make rigs safer. But technology alone isn’t enough. You also need a proactive safety culture.

Here’s how you replied on LinkedIn:

Safety on the rigs

Your career perspective

We asked: Do you work on a rig? Tell us: Why are you glad to have a career in the #oilfield?

You said on Twitter:

We asked: Have you built a career in the drilling industry? Tell us: What skill has been instrumental to your success?

You replied on LinkedIn:

Career skills

Career skills 2

We said: Experienced hands, tell us why a career in the oil field was the right decision for you.

You replied on Facebook:

Working on the rigs

Your perspective on technology

We asked: Tell us what you think. What #oilfield innovation has changed rig work the most?

Here’s what you said on Twitter:

And on Facebook:


The career advice you live by

We said: “Whatever you are, be a good one” – Abraham Lincoln. Tell us: What’s the career advice you live by?

Here’s the advice you shared on LinkedIn:

Career adviceCareer advice 2

What’s the Trinidad Drilling perspective?

Safety is our most important value at Trinidad. We utilize innovative technology on our rigs, so we can keep our crews safe and deliver value to our customers. Our rigs are some of the most advanced in North America and have some of the most skilled and knowledgeable crews in the business running them. Learn more about what it’s like to work for Trinidad.

Share your perspective

To join the conversation, follow us on Twitter, connect with our LinkedIn page, like us on Facebook or simply share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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