Rigger you’d recognize: 4 questions with Cody Wilson

Cody WilsonIf you ever watched the documentary TV series License to Drill on Canada’s Discovery Channel, you probably know Cody Wilson. He was a member of the drilling crew profiled during the show’s four-season run.

“(The show) gave a face to the people who work on the rigs and showed the lifestyle, the type of work we do and exactly what the job is,” said Wilson.

Now, the born and raised Albertan is a Driller on Trinidad Rig 6. In this Q & A, Wilson, a 15-year veteran of the drilling industry, talks about joining Trinidad’s team, the importance of safety and what you may not know about the life of a Driller.

Q: Why did you choose to join Trinidad’s team?

I’ve always known about Trinidad. When I started in the industry, of course they were around, and I’ve always known a lot of guys who work for Trinidad. I’ve seen a lot of their rigs – just passing them on the highway or seeing them in the yard in Nisku (Alberta). I’ve always been drawn to want to work for them because the guys I’ve met are great.

They’re a bigger company, and I know there’s a lot of different opportunities here, so I finally decided, “I want to go apply with them and start working with them and start a career with Trinidad.”

Q: What do you think of being on our team so far?

I’ve been with Trinidad for four months now. The rig I am on is great. It’s one of the best rigs I’ve worked on. It’s fun to work on. The HR department, they reach out and help you, they do whatever they can to give you a hand no matter what it is.

Trinidad’s motto is, “it’s a big company with a small company feel,” and that’s exactly how it is.

It’s a really, really good working environment.

Q: How do you and your teammates work together to keep each other safe?

When you’re out there working, safety is obviously on the top of everybody’s mind. It’s not just one guy who’s got to be safe; it’s got to be everybody watching everybody.

With Trinidad, safety is their priority and everybody who works here knows that, so everybody is always watching out for one another. The equipment is always in tiptop shape. If there’s ever a problem with anything, you just mention it to the toolpush and it’s fixed. There are no questions asked, which is great, because everyone wants to go home safe, and with the Trinidad rigs, they’re the safest rigs I have seen in the patch.

Q: What’s one thing you think people may not know about a Driller’s job?

The Driller is in charge of the whole rig for the 12 hours he’s working, including the guys he’s working with, and the one thing people don’t understand, I think, is how much you’re involved with the guys you work with – with their personal lives.

That’s the one thing a lot of people don’t see: the kind of friendships you build between crew members on the rig.

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