Do safety meetings really matter? At Trinidad Drilling, they do.

We hold safety meetings with our crews at every shift change and for each change in rig operation. If we start drilling: safety meeting. If we start tripping: safety meeting. Rig up: Safety meeting . . . You get the idea.

“Good safety meeting habits you set today will stick with your crews for life,” said Craig Barker, Rig Manager on Trinidad’s Rig 56. “I believe this is the most important time of the day.”

Barker, whose rig has gone over 600 days without an incident, shared his expertise on what safety meetings entail and why they’re an important part of running safe rigs.

Why safety meetings matter

It’s about planning to do the job right

Holding safety meetings at shift changes and before the start of critical tasks helps ensure everyone knows what’s expected of them and how to do the job safely.

“I use this time with the crew to plan the events for the day as well as get feedback from the crew members about what needs to be done,” explained Barker, who’s worked as a Rig Manager for 15 years. “This is a good time to plan how we will do each of the tasks before us as well as list the hazards involved.”

Safety meetings give the rig’s team an opportunity to go through JSAs (job safety analysis procedures) or to review hazard IDs the hands have written to report potential dangers.

Keeping everyone on the same page

Safety meetings help ensure the crew starting their shift is updated on what happened while they were off.

“We use the crew change safety meetings as a time to do our hand-off with the crew coming on tour – to let them know what is happening and potential hazards,” explained Barker.

These gatherings aren’t just about telling people what to do and how to do it. They are a time for the rig’s team to communicate and give feedback.

“The hands can voice their opinions (at the meetings) as well as point out any problems or problem equipment,” explained Barker.

Tip from the expert

Barker’s advice for running an effective safety meeting?

“Take the time to plan your meetings, know what you want to discuss with the crew(s) and have all the information you need prior to the meeting: JSAs, hazard IDs, memos, safety alerts, etc.”

Safety at Trinidad Drilling

Here’s the bottom line: Safety meetings matter because every person on each of our rigs matters. At Trinidad, we want to make sure everyone on our team goes home to his or her family safe. Through our company-wide commitment to safety and the use of advanced technologies on our rigs, we’re working to make sure that happens.

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