5 things that make Trinidad Drilling rigs stand out

Trinidad Rig 58Trinidad’s rigs stand out. Literally. Trinidad Rig 58, pictured here, is nearly 60-metres high and is one of the largest rigs in North America. But our strength as a drilling contractor is not just about size. It’s about the performance of our rigs in the field.

Jeff Mitton, a Contracts Manager with Trinidad’s Canadian division, helped explain five reasons why Trinidad’s rigs stand out for the crews who work on them and for the customers who work with them.

1. We have a skilled team

The skilled and knowledgeable crews we have working in the field are a big part of what separates Trinidad’s rigs from the rest of the pack.

“Trinidad Drilling has an uncanny ability to bring on and train some of the best crews in the Western Sedimentary Basin,” said Mitton, who has worked both in the field and on the sales and marketing side of the drilling business.

Trinidad’s company-wide training program, T.E.S.T. (Trinidad Essential Skills Training), helps ensure these talented people are always learning the skills they need to keep rigs performing safely while advancing their careers.

2. We take care of our people

Our rigs are some of the most active in the industry, and they’re also some of the safest.

“Trinidad has worked around the clock to ensure its workers are trained properly and make it home safe to their families,” Mitton explained. “When there is an incident, Trinidad does everything in its power to take the correct steps and measures to ensure it does not happen again or to any others.”

3. We design and build technically advanced rigs

Trinidad has its own in-house design and manufacturing division, which has a reputation for utilizing new technologies – such as automation and centralized control systems – to build top-performing rigs.

“Trinidad has been a leading-edge company in building some of the most advanced equipment and some of the most ‘fit for purpose’ rigs in Canada,” Mitton said. “Trinidad has the ability to envision and build exactly what the client is looking for and exceed their expectations.”

4. We take care of our equipment

We build top-notch new rigs, but we’re also fastidious when it comes to taking care of the equipment we already have.

Mitton, who has been in the industry for 11 years, pointed out that Trinidad is committed to maintaining and upgrading equipment to ensure it’s safe and performing its best.

5. We know how to run safe, efficient rigs

For rig crews to perform in the field, they need a strong team supporting them away from the field. Mitton explained that leadership from Trinidad’s knowledgeable operations team helps Trinidad “stand above the competition.”

“What is important for the customer is that they drill their wells efficiently, effectively and safely to allow them to evolve their areas/plays in Canada,” said Mitton. “Trinidad allows clients to do this, while being driven by its safety morals and programs, training and operational excellence.”

The Trinidad Drilling advantage

Commitment to safety, skilled and knowledgeable people, top-performing equipment . . . these are all things that keep customers happy and rig workers loving the iron they work on.

Find out more about what sets Trinidad apart.

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