Women in oil and gas: A Trinidad Drilling safety leader

Erika Rocha, Trinidad Drilling’s Canadian HSE Compliance ManagerThis is the third post in our “Women in oil and gas” series. 

Erika Rocha, Trinidad Drilling’s Canadian HSE Compliance Manager, started working in the oil and gas industry almost 12 years ago because she was living in Fort St. John, B.C., and there weren’t a lot of other career choices. But Rocha has stayed because, it turns out, she loves the work.

“I’ve been able to understand and learn so many things within the industry, including manufacturing and drilling. I love the challenge. I love how you can learn something new every day and have the opportunity to be creative within the job,” said Rocha, who works out of our Canadian drilling offices in Nisku, Alta., and has been part of Trinidad’s safety team for six years.

The fact that Rocha is female in a male-dominated career path doesn’t really cross her mind. She’s focused on ensuring Trinidad’s operations are in compliance with OH&S standards and industry guidelines and is busy working to continuously improve our company’s safety performance.

“The wonderful thing about Trinidad Drilling is they don’t care if you are a male or a female; they trust that you can do your job and that you do it right,” she said.

Making an impact on safety

Rocha is definitely doing her job right. When she joined Trinidad in 2009, she was tasked with setting up the health and safety programs for Trinidad Design & Manufacturing. By implementing safe practices and policies, improving systems and increasing training, she helped to lower incidents and was even able to achieve zero incidents for two-years straight.

“We had full support from senior management, and we were able to educate the supervisors and the workers and create good teamwork around safety,” she explained.

Now, Rocha works with our Canadian drilling operations while still overseeing safety on the manufacturing side.

This girl gets it

Rocha’s job requires that she command an in-depth understanding of drilling operations. How did she learn that? Her advice is good for anyone starting out in the business (male or female):

“Working in this industry, and especially at Trinidad Drilling, everybody shares their knowledge. The main thing is not being afraid of asking questions and (making) observations,” she said.

Equality at Trinidad Drilling

In her role, Rocha works with both senior management and with Trinidad’s team out in the field, but she said no one treats her differently because she’s a woman.

“I don’t receive any different treatment, positive or negative. We’re equal,” she said of the people she works with.

“We’re all in this together.”

At Trinidad, we pride ourselves on the quality of our team. We hire the best people for the job and give them the tools they need to stay safe, grow their careers and maintain the high standards of performance Trinidad is known for. Learn more about what sets our team apart.

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