Can safety and business success go hand in hand?

This post is part of Trinidad’s “Focus on safety” blog series. 

A Trinidad Drilling rig hand.

Can a business have a moral compass and still be successful?

We think so. After all, our strong safety values are a key part of our business success.

In last week’s post, we talked to Derek Hibbard, General Manager of HSE for Trinidad’s U.S. and international divisions, about how we’re keeping our international rigs safe. This week, Hibbard explains how Trinidad takes care of its team out of both moral principle and good business practice.

Safety: It’s a matter of morality

Before we start talking about good business practices, let’s first talk about moral principles. Which is fitting because in order to keep workers safe, safety needs to be a company’s top priority, above the bottom line. 

“As a business, we make money, but one of our core values is to make sure that everyone gets home the same way they arrived at work,” Hibbard said.

Trinidad’s commitment to safety stems from a moral responsibility to take care of our team, and the leaders of our company take that responsibility very seriously.

“Coming to work is what you do to get you home,” said Hibbard. “That’s really the goal, is that moral piece of it, we need to make sure everyone gets to go home to their family just like we want to.”

Safety is good for business

For us, having strong safety principles is the right thing to do, and as a drilling company it’s good for the bottom line because safety record is important to oil and gas companies contracting rigs.

“You can have the best-running rig in the world, but if you are hurting people, you aren’t going to be working long,” Hibbard said.

“If you have a poor safety record, in many cases, you aren’t even allowed to bid for the work. Your HSE performance is one of the four or five critical elements that will allow you to work for a company or not. It’s just as important as down time. It’s just as important as how quickly we move our rigs, what our day rate is, etc.”

Hibbard explained that having a strong safety record is a way Trinidad sets itself apart from the competition.

“Our rigs are, generally speaking, high-spec rigs. They perform very, very well. They are technologically advanced, but how we can really differentiate ourselves around the world is through our safety performance,” he said.

Safety at Trinidad Drilling

Operating with integrity and a commitment to our team has helped us grow from a small company to an industry leading drilling contractor, so we’re going to stick with what works. And what works is simply doing what’s right.

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