And the award goes to . . . Trinidad Drilling’s Rig 134

Trinidad Drilling’s Rig 134 wins Pioneer's Rig of the Quarter award.

Any roughneck would agree that this is one good lookin’ trophy. Right now, its home is on Trinidad Drilling’s Rig 134 in West Texas, thanks to the hard work of the rig’s crews.

The 1,500 AC triple, which is drilling in the Permian Basin, won the inaugural Rig of the Quarter award from Pioneer Natural Resources in July. Pioneer recently started the initiative to drive continuous improvement among all the rigs they have contracted.

“It’s kind of like the Stanley Cup, you can only hold it if you’re winning it,” joked Carlton Campbell, Trinidad’s Senior Vice President of U.S. Operations.

Pioneer, an exploration and production company based out of Texas, uses 17 metrics in safety, drilling execution and financial categories to measure performance and award the trophy.

“There’s always going to be rigs at the bottom, and there’s always going to be rigs at the top, but the whole key is they are continuing to move their (contracted) rigs to higher performance, and right now this rig is their pacesetter,” explained Campbell, who credited the good communication between the crew and Pioneer as part of the reason for the rig’s success.

Part of the Trinidad Drilling Rig 134 team with their Rig of the Quarter award from Pioneer.
Part of the Rig 134 team with their trophy.

Some of the areas Rig 134 excelled include average feet drilled per day, skid move time and safety. Safety indicators carry the most weight of all the metrics, and a rig has to have no recordable incidents to win the award. Fittingly, on the day Rig 134 was named Rig of the Quarter they also celebrated a very important safety milestone.

“The same day they won this award, they had went five years without a recordable incident,” said Campbell, who noted that the family atmosphere on the rig is a big reason its team does such a good job of keeping each other safe.

So, what was Rig 134’s reaction to receiving the award? They want to go out and win the next quarter, Campbell said.

Trinidad Drilling, always striving to be No. 1

Trinidad is committed to being a top performer in all of our operations.

“If we’re not No. 1, we’re striving to be,” said Campbell.

Our rigs combine advanced technology with skilled teams, like on Rig 134, to drill wells safely and efficiently. Learn more about what sets our rigs apart.

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