[Photos] Sunsets and safety milestones: Favourite shots from Trinidad Drilling

In the drilling business, we have our own genre of landscape photography where image composition usually looks something like this: big rigs standing tall and proud against stunning skies.

We know you love rig photos (and we do, too). So we dug into our image library and combed through photos we’ve shared on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to put together this gallery of some of our favourites.

Tell us your top pick in the comments below or on one of our social media channels.


That’s the thing about the rigs, you can’t beat the view

Here’s a look at what our teams often get to see from their “office” (click to see full size).

Celebrating rig safety

The only thing better than images of rigs in the field are pictures of crews who have reached significant safety milestones. Here are some shots of Trinidad teams celebrating a job safely done (click to see full size).

Want to see more rig shots?

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