Meet “International Man of Drilling” Trevor Warren

Trinidad Drilling rig in Chile
Trinidad Drilling rig in Chile

Move over James Bond and Austin Powers – we’re adding “International Man of Drilling” to the world’s list of “International Men”. While his job doesn’t take him on the hunt for border-hopping criminal masterminds, when it comes to drilling, Trinidad’s Operations Manager in Saudi Arabia, Trevor Warren, is a real globetrotter. Since signing on with Trinidad Drilling 10 years ago, he has worked all over Canada and the United States, as well as in Chile, before heading to Saudi Arabia two years ago. He recently moved to Bahrain with his family.

So, what’s it like working all over the world? We wanted to know more about how Warren has made drilling an international career. We caught up with him for a Q&A, to find out how he has moved up through the ranks, and all over the world, during his tenure with Trinidad.

What province are you from originally?

Nova Scotia. I’m an East Coast Boy. I started my oilfield  career  working off the Coast of Sable Island at age 18. I participated in a student program. I would spend summers, March break, Christmas and even weekends on jack-ups if I was strapped for cash while attending university. By the time graduation came, I was hooked and went west to sling tongs in Alberta.

Tell us a bit about your work history with Trinidad. What did you do in Canada and the U.S.?

I was first hired for Trinidad Drilling back in August of 2006. I started in the Trinidad  yard and was part of the new build on Trinidad 51 and took it to the field.

We drilled in Alberta and British Columbia and eventually worked our way to the U.S., drilling wells in Montana. After we returned to Canada, I started to work with Trinidad Design and Manufacturing and spent some time between Nisku, Alberta, Texas and Louisiana on rig builds and set ups.

Within the same time period I went to Chile to work on a geothermal project and again returned to Canada, working between Operations and Design and Manufacturing.

Eventually I went to Operations full time working in the U.S., in North Dakota and Wyoming, and now I’m currently working as Operations Manager in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia going on two years now.

What did you learn working in Canada? How about the U.S.?

Whether you work for Trinidad Drilling in Canada, the U.S., South America or the middle of the desert in Saudi Arabia, it’s the same mentality. It’s about performance, or should I say we are “driven to outperform”.

Technologically, we may have the most innovative and advanced equipment that I have seen or worked with, but it is the people that drive performance and really hold us to our company’s brand.

It doesn’t matter if they speak English, Spanish, Arabic or “American”; they all hold a sense of pride when they wear the Trinidad colours and logo on their back. That I don’t see from any other drilling contractor’s people.

What does your current job entail?

I’m currently working as the Operations Manager over the four rigs we currently have operating in the South Ghawar field in Saudi Arabia. I work with the team to co-ordinate, manage and monitor the workings of all departments in our organization, including Finance, Human Resources, Maintenance, HSE and of course, Operations.

With the joint venture we are in with Halliburton, a lot of my time is spent with Halliburton Project Management and Saudi Aramco’s Drilling & Workover  division  representatives.

Why do you like working internationally? 

The challenge, of course. I have always loved startups for the challenge, but internationally it’s a whole different ball. Building the infrastructure and the relationships to make the company a success is what I enjoy the most. It’s such a dynamic industry, especially in this part of the world. I learn something every day that keeps me focused on success within our division.

Much like Bond and Powers required (many!) sequels to highlight their adventures, it was impossible for us to capture all of Warren’s stories in just one post. So, check back here in a couple weeks for more from our interview with Trinidad’s “International Man of Drilling”.

And catch up with other people working in Saudi Arabia, including Michael Portman, Brandon Skelton, Chris Porter, Aaron Zurfluh and Haider Almoosa.


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