Meet “International Man of Drilling” Trevor Warren (part 2)

Trevor Warren with camels in Saudi Arabia
Operations Manager Trevor Warren gets to know some camels in Saudi Arabia.

A couple weeks ago we introduced you to the Trinidad employee we think belongs alongside James Bond and Austin Powers on a list of “International Men”. Trevor Warren, Operations Manager for Trinidad in Saudi Arabia, is our resident, real-life “International Man of Drilling”. Warren has had a fascinating international career with Trinidad, having drilled all over Canada, the U.S., Chile and now Saudi Arabia.

Last time we learned about his background, and what he does in his present job. Today, we dig deeper into what he has experienced in Saudi Arabia, in part two of our Q&A.

Do you do a lot of travelling when you’re not working?

Any chance I get. My family and I travelled much more when I was working rotational but are planning on adding pins to our travel map in this corner of the world.

How has working with Trinidad helped you grow your career and see the world?

I have been with Trinidad Drilling almost 10 years now. It feels like it was yesterday that I was signing on with Trinidad, the company that was leading the industry with their innovative technology and beautiful iron. In what feels like a short time, I’ve worked on three continents and had the opportunity to work for some amazing people, and fortunately move through the ranks. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store with my future in the company.

How is it different from drilling in North America? How is it the same?

Well, there are a lot of different cultures all working together and it’s an adventure every day.  But as far as the wells go, technically they are not that difficult in comparison to most of the work that I am used to back in North America. It’s the methodology of it all working in the Kingdom. It’s always a challenge to balance logistics, personnel, policies and procedures, while keeping a good relationship with the client. I’ve heard it on more than one occasion: “if you can drill in Saudi Arabia, you can drill anywhere in the world.”

What is the most important thing you have learned working in Saudi?

Don’t walk in flip flops in the desert. There are scorpions, camel spiders and sand vipers around every corner.

And there you have it. James Bond and Austin Powers might have darted the globe unravelling webs of international espionage, but we think Trevor Warren’s adventures on Trinidad’s international rigs are equally epic.

Catch up with other people working in Saudi Arabia, including Michael Portman, Brandon Skelton, Chris Porter, Aaron Zurfluh and Haider Almoosa.

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