How well do you know the rigs? Our holiday crossword will put you to the test!

Rig crew member

Looking for something to do in your downtime between turkey and presents this holiday season? Give our second annual holiday crossword a try! Put your rig-lingo knowledge to the test and have some fun catching up on our blogs.

If you get stuck, follow the links in the questions to find clues in some of our blog and #RigSpeak101 posts.

All of us at Trinidad wish you a safe, peaceful, happy holiday season, and a wonderful new year.

BONUS HOLIDAY FUN IDEA: Make a game out of your rig-word wizardry!

We’re confident loyal readers of this blog will ace this, so why not up the ante? Prove it to your family and friends! Print out copies of the puzzle, pass them around and see who gets the most right and who can fill theirs out the fastest!

Rig crossword

Rig crossword puzzle

Printable crossword puzzle (PDF)



4) Motorized device moving up and down a rig’s mast (2 words)
6) Where the Derrickhand works
8) This position is the “eyes and ears” of the rig.
9) This kind of well is drilled in unproven territory.
10) Trinidad’s competency assurance program
11) The_____ chair wouldn’t look out of place on the Starship Enterprise.


1) Trinidad’s motto: Driven to _________ .
2) The first promotion gets you this job on a rig
3) Every Trinidad rig works toward ___ incidents every day.
5) Hottest location for Trinidad rigs (2 words)
7) Rig speak for the driller’s office
9) Our CEO’s last name

Click for Rig Crossword answers.

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