The envelope, please: Trinidad 445 wins Golden Drilling Rig Award

Trinidad Rig 445

One of Trinidad’s exploration and production customers in the United States holds its own Drilling Academy Awards every month. Much like Oscar himself, the award is golden for the winning drilling company.

Maybe that’s why they call it the Golden Drilling Rig Award.

In September 2015, when the envelope was torn open, it revealed the winner as Trinidad Rig 445, operating near Midland, Texas, in the Permian Basin.

It was a great moment for the Rig 445 crew; but if you took a hard look at the excellent drilling and safety performance of our rig, it wouldn’t have been a big surprise.

And the criteria are…

The award is based on six criteria, with safety being the most important category and accounting for 30 per cent of the marks. That’s right in line with Trinidad’s focus: safety is always first.

The other criteria are:

  • total footage drilled per month
  • total cost per foot
  • number of bottom hole assemblies (BHAs) used to drill the curve
  • number of BHAs used to drill the lateral
  • best footage drilled in 24 hours

There’s no way of stuffing the ballot box. The oil and gas producer monitors all of the rigs itself, gathers the information, and presents the results to the rigs working in its oilfields.

Ryan Hawkings, General Manager, Operations with Trinidad in the United States, is really proud of the crew on Rig 445.

“It is a credit to the crews and the Rig Manager on 445 for building a culture that is willing to work with the client to provide a premium service,” said Hawkings. “This award is for, and 100 per cent earned by, the crews and management on Rig 445.

“The culture on the rig reflects Trinidad’s corporate policy perfectly, ‘Driven to Outperform’,” he said.

Jim Rivest, U.S. Footage Drilling Superintendent, agrees with Hawkings.

“They’re just a very well organized group of guys that work together as a good team. They take their jobs seriously. They’re not out to set records; this is the kind of performance they do day in and day out.

“They had zero incidents and zero accidents in the last three years. You can’t ask for a better record, while maintaining the pace.”

Rivest noted that the Trinidad rig is up against one of the largest drilling operators in the basin, but still took the award.

“It comes down to performance,” said Rivest. “The report card says you’re exceeding all the customer’s expectations and coming in ahead of the crowd, as well.”

Taking it all in stride

The crew didn’t really celebrate because that’s not their style; they just kept doing what they do best.

“They’re pretty humble about it,” said Rivest. “They just take it in stride. They’re not looking for accolades.

“It’s like those famous football players who score a touchdown and just nonchalantly give the football back to the referee. They’ve been there before, and they’ll be there again.”

Hawkings and Rivest have been in the industry since 1984, starting as Roughnecks and moving up through the job ranks. They were working for CanElson drilling, and since CanElson and Trinidad merged, “I am now a Trinidad man,” Rivest said. “We’re learning the Trinidad culture, and it’s a good fit.”

Rivest has been Drilling Superintendent for several years, and he’s worked all over North America, South America and in Southeast Asia, so he knows what he’s talking about when he evaluates the crew on Rig 445.

“I can’t take any of the credit for what happens out on that rig,” he said. “That is completely independent from what I do. Those guys have created that culture.

“They’re very well managed on-site. The Rig Manager does a great job of managing his people, and that rig obviously runs like a Rolex. It’s always because of the people, and it makes everyone associated with that operation look good. But it’s all due to the guys on that rig .”

Find out more about how safe our rigs are: Rig 41 recently celebrated 2,222 days of safety; Rig Manager Kevin Dobson was awarded the CAODC Safety Excellence Award for leading Rig 27 to over 600 days without recordable incident and our T.E.S.T. program helps everyone work safely, on every Trinidad rig, every day.

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