Work hard. Play hard. The exciting life of Driller Logan Grayling, Rig 438

Logan Grayling in his kayak

If you wanted to count the number of countries Logan Grayling has visited, you might need a calculator and a map to keep track.

Grayling is a passionate whitewater kayaker, and that hobby has taken him all over the world.

He’s kayaked in the United States, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Sweden, Finland, France, Austria, Germany, Vietnam, Malaysia and Australia — and the list goes on. Logan has also taken surfing trips to Indonesia, Mexico and Australia. And he also skis and snowboards.

That’s not all. He has also appeared in, and made, a number of kayaking videos on YouTube that display his risk-taking approach. One in particular, for example, in which Grayling takes on a 100-foot waterfall at Johnston Canyon near Canmore, Alberta, where he was born. He paddles through a narrow chute into the whitewater fall. It’s wild and crazy, and over in a few seconds.

“I guess it would be classified as high risk and dangerous,” he agreed. “It takes me around the world and to some of the most remote places on the planet. Some places have never been seen before by humans.

“It’s a pretty amazing thing. I’ve been lucky enough to do a lot of amazing things in my life, and have seen many amazing places.”

Kayaking waterfall

Starting young

The Driller, now on Rig 438, started kayaking through a program in high school in Canmore, Alberta , Canada.

“I liked it, so I kept doing it. After three months of paddling, I ended up making the junior Canadian team and went to the Worlds in Australia,” said Grayling.

Going to Australia, as it turned out, was a pretty cool thing for Grayling; he’s half Aussie, on his dad’s side, while his mom is Canadian. He comes by his talent for outdoor sports and his passion for travel honestly, he said.

“Both my parents are wanderers. It kind of makes sense. My brother lives on an island off southeast Australia.”

Grayling now lives in Squamish, British Columbia, which is a great location for outdoor sports. When he’s home, it sounds like he’s never inside.

“Living in Squamish, I have the opportunity to do pretty much whatever I want, year round. In the back country you can climb, go kayaking, windsurfing. I haven’t started kitesurfing yet — but my dad got into it.”

Drilling makes it all possible

Grayling says working on the rigs has made his hobbies possible, both financially and time wise.

“I spent a lot of time just travelling the world. That’s why I started on the rigs,” said Grayling, who previously worked with CanElson on one of the heavy doubles.

“I can make money quickly. When I first started, I worked a little bit and a two-month paycheque would pay for a three-month trip to Southeast Asia.”

While Grayling takes on dangerous sports, he’s all about teamwork and safety while on the job. His colleagues say he works as hard as he plays, and he’s always sharing his knowledge.

“I guess I am,” he says, when told about the comments. “I guess I would say that I try to teach as much as I can, and if I don’t know something, I will do my best to find it out. The more knowledge everyone has on the rigs, the better.”

He admits to having lots of energy, and thinks his love of the outdoors and sports has something to do with his up-tempo approach to work. It also inspires him to keep things simple in the rest of his life.

“I don’t own many things in life, but I do own a lot of amazing memories and have had many great experiences. I love to be outside, so whenever I get the chance, I am!”

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