Another gold for Team Trinidad in Texas

Trinidad Drilling Rig 140 crew July 2016

The 2016 Rio Olympics may have come to an end, but our west Texas crews continue their gold medal performances.

Freshly engraved on Encana’s Golden Bit Award as the Q2 2016 recipient, Trinidad Rig 140 is in good company with the Q1 2016 winner, Trinidad Rig 141.

Trinidad Drilling Rig 140 Golden Bit Award from Encana Q2 July 2016
Encana’s Golden Bit Award

Golden Bit goods

The Golden Bit is awarded to the rig that leads footage drilled per day while maintaining a perfect safety record (no incidents or recordables).

Rig 140’s award-worthy performance involved drilling 1,413 feet in one day (almost four NFL football fields) and maintaining their spotless safety record of over 500 days and counting.

Bringing our A-Team

J.B. Sheppard, Rig Manager on 140 (and part-time comedian), believes he owes the rig’s success to its crews.

“Let’s just say this rig is stacked,” chuckled Sheppard, “the slowdown has allowed us to put a number of experienced hands onto one rig. Of the three crews on Rig 140, 13 men have drilling experience and nine can push tools.”

Stacked and familiar with the Trinidad way, Rig 140’s crews are averaging about eight years with the company from the Drillers down to the Motormen. This experience gives them the advantage of understanding Trinidad’s training programs, safety programs and company culture. Not to mention working alongside the rig family they’ve known for years.

“Out here we thrive on working performance into safety. Our safety program is number one every day – performance records are an added bonus,” said Sheppard.

Paying it forward

When we asked Sheppard what has kept the crews on Rig 140 loyal to Team Trinidad, and driven to outperform, he was quick to answer.

“You mean aside from the free yeti cups and hats,” joked Sheppard, “Trinidad has been good to all of us. Keeping our heads down, working hard and making sure no one gets hurt is the least we can do.”

Driven to outperform

Learn more about Trinidad’s all-star fleet, crew line-up and award-winning performances here:

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