The 700 series: big rigs, big performance

Trinidad Drilling Rig 704 Villahermosa, Mexico

Trinidad’s mammoth 700 series are rigs everyone wants on their resume (and for good reason). When they were drilling in Villahermosa under our joint venture with Halliburton, these Mexican giants were doing more than catching the eyes of passersby.

This week, we spoke with Randy Hawkings, Executive Vice President, Canada and Mexico and John Meckert, Vice President, QMS and HSE, on our performance in “Villa”.

The rigs

Rigs: 701, 702, 703 and 704

Specs: 3,600 HP AC-powered rigs

Working pressure: 7,500 PSI

Hook load: 1,500,000 LBS

BOP: 10,000 PSI (15,000 PSI capabilities)

Not only are the 700 series beasts in comparison to other AC rigs in the international scene, each of the rigs are equipped with Trinidad’s AC-powered PLC auto driller, control system and three 2,400 HP Quintaplex mud pumps (which are some of the newest on the market).

They also happen to take the cake as the tallest rigs in Trinidad’s fleet.

Their performance

The 700 series’ Mexican debut was nothing short of incredible, thanks to Trinidad’s rigs and drilling performance crews as well as Halliburton’s products and technology.

Hawkings describes the start-up as a perfect storm, noting their outstanding performance was a “textbook combination of excellent equipment, great crews and a program designed to take advantage of both.”

Meckert, who’s worked on a dozen international start-ups, agrees with Hawkings 100%.

“Quite frankly, this startup was the best I’d ever been a part of. We hit a home run in Mexico. It’ll be great to see them continue that hitting streak.”

A home run, indeed, having beat a performance prediction on the first well that took into account the best technology, equipment and most favorable drilling conditions.

“Our actual drilling time on the first well in Mexico exceeded even the technical limit curve of what was thought to be possible,” explained Meckert.

Polished and ready to hit the field

The rigs are on standby now while their next drilling program is determined. As they wait patiently to get back to work, they’re receiving the royal treatment in the yard with preventative maintenance and equipment upgrades to better suit operators’ needs.

Join our team

Bookmark our careers page for upcoming job postings for your chance to work with our top-of-the-line equipment and well-trained crews.

Interested in more information on these state-of-the-art rigs? Here’s a behind the scenes look at the 700 series rig build in 2014.

Trinidad Drilling Rig 703 and Trinidad Drilling Rig 702 in Mexico

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