Life #OfftheRig with Rig Superintendent, family man and biker Jon Harringa

Trinidad Drilling International Rig Superintendent Jon Harringa #OfftheRig

This is our latest edition of our #OfftheRig blog posts; a series dedicated to our crews and the things they enjoy most on and off the rigs.

This week we chatted with Jon Harringa, one of our Rig Superintendents in Saudi Arabia.

Days off Jon

One of the beauties of working for Trinidad overseas is the work schedule. Jon’s 35 x 35 rotation means he’s at work for 35 days and home for the equal amount of time. So, when he’s back on Alberta soil, the die-hard Calgary Flames fan has plenty of time to spend with his three kids, catch a few of his sons’ hockey games, and ride off into the sunset on his (new to him) Harley Davidson.

Days on Jon

Describe a day in the life of a Rig Superintendent in Saudi Arabia.

I start my days reviewing reports sent from the rigs, followed by a call to the Rig Managers. If I’m in the office, we have a morning call with Halliburton and meetings with all the departments.

Each day has something different in store, from managing logistics, to rig moves, to personnel and client requests.

If I’m in the field, my morning routine is much the same, but days are filled with rig visits, auditing, and ensuring we are compliant in every way at each of the rigs.

What’s your favorite part of working on the rigs?

It’s definitely is a combination of a few things. The best thing about the drilling industry is the fact that every day is different in one form or another. I also enjoy the rotation and time off as it’s not your typical 9-5.

What’s your favorite part of working for Trinidad?

It boils down to the people. We are surrounded by a good team here in Saudi and are supported by good people back home in North America.


Keep an eye out for more #OfftheRig blog posts in coming weeks! In the meantime, let us know what your typical day #OfftheRig looks like on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag.

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