Rig 445: drillin’ in a flash and savin’ cash

Trinidad Drilling Rig 445 and crew

In September 2015, Rig 445 was awarded the Golden Drilling Rig Award by one of Trinidad’s customers in the United States. Just one year later, they’re back at it again. But this time, for another customer. Selected to drill three out-of-the-ordinary horizontal wells in Texas, the crew and their ultra-heavy tele double quickly proved to be the perfect combination for the job.

Value-added performanceTrinidad Drilling Rig 445

Drilling the first well in 16 days (which had previously taken the customer 24 days) and the next two in 12 days each, Rig 445’s team saved the well-established Permian Basin-based customer over US $700,000.

“This is the type of value-added performance that makes it possible for smaller operators to drill in a challenging oil price environment,” said Ryan Hawkings, Performance Drilling Manager in our US division.

The right equipment, the right people and the right tools

“It’s a fit-for-purpose rig with a drilling program that was well planned and well executed, but most importantly, Rig 445’s performance comes down to the people involved,” said Hawkings, who described the leadership on the rig as top notch.

“Tony Laughren, Rig 445’s Rig Manager, is a hands-on guy and a proven leader. He’s able to translate his wishes and work ethic to those that work with him and they respect him for it.”

Trinidad prides itself on hiring and developing high-performing people and providing them the right tools to drill deeper and more challenging wells. Rig 445, explained Hawkings, is no exception.

“These guys were able to drill these wells because they used the essential training support they were provided, namely HSE, leadership and planning,” concluded Hawkings.

What’s next for Rig 445? They’re heading back to the same client to continue proving their place in the Permian Basin while keeping one another safe, after a three well project for another client.

Award-winning performances

Find out how Trinidad is leading by example in our commitment to safety, performance and customer satisfaction with these recent award-winning performances:

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