Electrician today, Mechanic tomorrow: a Rig Specialist’s role

Trinidad Drilling Rig Specialist Rig Mechanic Rig Electrician

It takes a team of passionate, motivated and roll-up-your-sleeves-type individuals to make a drilling company great. Robert Duke, one of our Rig Specialists in Saudi Arabia, is one of those people.

Meet “Peanut”, Trinidad’s unassuming maintenance superstar

You name the equipment, Duke (perhaps better known as “Peanut”), has either built it or fixed it at some point in his 20-year career. Roughnecking and working floors, Duke’s career on the rigs started as most do. When he was given the opportunity to move to a motorman position, he was quick to take it.


“I loved it. I fixed everything on the rig. Not long after, they moved me into the mechanical and electrical department where I eventually landed a Top Drive Technician role.”

Duke even tried his hand offshore working as a Hydraulic Mechanic, building monstrous drill ships in the deep blue sea, but knew he wanted to end up onshore, closer to home.

Superstar status

When we asked Duke how one becomes known as a “maintenance superstar,” his humble answer didn’t surprise us in the least.

“I actually get that all the time,” laughed Duke. “I appreciate the title, but I’m just here to help. If any of our crews have an issue, I’ll be there ready to tackle whatever they need.”

Jump in, get dirty and ask questions

According to Duke, becoming a “superstar” happens when you love what you do.

“You’ve got to love the challenge. You can’t be afraid to jump right in, get your hands dirty and ask for help when you need it.”

Duke assured us there’s no better feeling than walking away from a rig, knowing he and his team got the crews back up and running. He loves the diversity of his role on the maintenance team in Saudi Arabia.

“One day you’re a mechanic, one day you’re an electrician. There’s always something new to work on.”

Back home in George West, Texas, that “something” is often moisture-related, said Duke. In the Ghawar field in Saudi Arabia, it’s extreme heat and sand. A lot of sand….

Why Team Trinidad?

After Duke’s time offshore, the decision to work at Trinidad was an easy one for him having worked for us for a period of time beforehand.

“You can do anything you set your mind to at Trinidad. They’ll support you and supply you with all the tools you need to succeed. It really has been an amazing place for me; cutting edge technology, great people and the best land rigs I’ve ever seen.”

The best land rigs he’s ever seen was a common theme throughout our interview with Duke. His favorite so far? Well, that’s easy.

Rig 601 for sure. It really is the whole package with the new drawworks, new design and motor package on the trailers… I really can’t say enough about it,” beamed Duke.

Duke’s keen interest for rig upgrades and builds will keep him busy with Team Trinidad at home or overseas!

Find out what these passionate, motivated and roll-up-your-sleeves-type individuals are up to at Trinidad:

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