Trinidad Rig 58 receives Chevron’s award of excellence

Trinidad Drilling Rig 58 receives Chevron Canada's 2016 award of operational excellence

The last time we caught up with Rig Manager, Kevin Dobson, the 10-year Trinidad veteran had just received CAODC’s safety excellence award. Today, Dobson and his crews are at the top of their game and are the proud new owners of Chevron’s 2016 award for operational excellence.

Operational excellence

Awarded only once per year in Canada, the award has an extra-special spot in the crews’ hearts. Presented to the team on Trinidad Rig 58 for excellence in safety, efficiency, reliability, and leadership, the award is a true testament to Trinidad’s crews and the equipment they work on.

Ten-star performance and top-of-the-line equipment

Since Rig 58 was turned loose in the Liard Basin in January 2015 as a new build, its crews have drilled some of the deepest wells in North America, averaging over 7,000 meters.

“I’m proud of the guys and their ability to adapt to deep wells and Rig 58’s technology,” said Dobson.

With a moving system on the substructure, compound and scalping tank, an iron roughneck, iron derrickhand, automated catwalk, top drive and cyber chair, Rig 58 has all the bells and whistles.

“The men out here do an excellent job of working as a team and managing everything that comes their way. Awarding them for working safely, efficiently and reliably really is a true representation of the work they do.”

Safe and well-trained crews

Trinidad Drilling Rig 58
Trinidad Drilling Rig 58 in the Liard Basin, British Columbia

Drilling high pressure, high temperature wells in northern British Columbia can be a challenge. Thanks to Trinidad’s training and safety programs, Dobson can be confident that his crews know their roles and responsibilities on the rig.

“The crews out here excel not only because of the equipment they’re operating, but because of the extensive training they’ve received.”

Each of the crew members have been through Trinidad’s Essential Skills Training Program, which ensures hands have the level of knowledge, skills and abilities required to do their job safely and correctly. They’ve also been through Trinidad’s Well Safe Program, where they learn step-by-step shut-in procedures at all stages of the well.

Because of this training, Rig 58 is currently sitting at over 630 days safe.

What sets Trinidad apart?

“Trinidad does a great job of putting rigs together that complement the complex wells customers want to drill,” explained Dobson. “Trinidad’s ability to do this, in my mind, really sets us apart from other drilling contractors.”

Our rigs combine advanced technology with skilled teams, like on Rig 58, to drill wells safely and efficiently. Learn more about our areas of excellence.

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