Rig postcards from… Rig 127 in Saudi Arabia

Trinidad Drilling Rig Postcard Rig 127 South Ghawar Field Saudi Arabia

This week on the blog, we’re soaking in the warm morning air in Saudi Arabia with the crews on Rig 127, a 2000 HP AC Triple in our international fleet.

Early days

Did you know Rig 127 started its career as a new build in our US division in 2008? Before making the trip to Saudi, the rig underwent a series of upgrades to prepare for its new drilling program.

Driven to outperform

Currently located in the south Ghawar field, the team is drilling 3.8 days ahead of schedule. The average program has them drilling at a depth of 10,800 feet in 28.5 days.

In September, Rig 127’s crews, comprised of a blend of many different nationalities, proudly celebrated two years without a lost time incident, along with Rig 126 and Rig 128.

Sunny with a chance of… even more sun

At its current location, the average temperature in December is a balmy (for Canadians, at least) 16 degrees Celsius/61 degrees Fahrenheit. Feel free to send some warmth to your chilly North American teammates, guys!

Looking for more Trinidad rig updates from all over the world? Check out these postcards from Canada, USA, Umm Al-Quwain and Saudi Arabia.

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