5 bumper stickers for the roughneck in all of us

Let’s talk bumper stickers!

From showcasing our political preferences, warning those behind us of our driving tendencies, or rallying for groups we support, we’ve all seen a bumper sticker we can relate to. A good bumper sticker has the uncanny ability to form tribes of like-minded strangers on the infamous Route 66 or Trans-Canada Highway.

For all those that are proud to be part of our tribe, these are for you and the bumper of your beloved Truck Norris:





Have a great Trinidad bumper sticker idea? We’d love to hear about it at socialmedia@trinidaddrillng.com. Let’s keep it clean!

Here are a few gooders to get the creative juices flowing:

  • “List of people I trust with my truck: 1. nobody”
  • “If the mud ain’t flyin’ you ain’t tryin’”
  • “Future roughneck on board”

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