Got bubbles? No troubles: 3 reasons you’ll want to work on a clean rig

When it comes to managing a clean rig, Rig Manager Tracy Stewart runs a pretty tight ship. If you were to do a dust check on Rig 127 in Saudi Arabia, we’re willing to bet the results would impress you. Admittedly, if you were to do a dust check at Stewart’s home, the results may vary (but that’s beside the point).

Ask anyone that’s worked at Trinidad, and they’ll tell you performance is the name of our game. It’s part of everything we do, from designing our rigs, to training our crews and maintaining our equipment. In our pursuit of performance, you’d be surprised at the role a soapy scrub brush, a pressure washer, and a little elbow grease can play.

“Simply put, a clean rig is a happy and safe rig,” said Stewart, who started scrubbing rigs with Trinidad on Rig 106 in our US division just over ten years ago.

Here are his top three reasons you’ll want to work on a clean rig. Believe us, Stewart and the crew on Rig 127 really know what they’re doing.

1. Clean rigs help keep our crews’ safe

The more clutter and mud that gets piled up on the rig, the easier it is for someone to get hurt. Be respectful, follow procedures, and always put things back in their rightful place.

2. Clean rigs boost crew morale

The guys on Rig 127 take pride in Trinidad’s equipment, and have no issues keeping it clean. Rarely does Stewart have to mention what needs to be cleaned and when.

“The guys know how we like to keep our rigs at Trinidad,” said Stewart. “I can’t take credit for all of it. Keeping a clean rig is a team effort – always has been and always will be.”

Just because Stewart is the Rig Manager doesn’t mean he’s exempt from doing his share of scrubbing. Take his office for example…

Trinidad Drilling Rig Office

Not too shabby, Mr. Stewart. Not too shabby at all!

3. Cleaning rigs helps maintain equipment

As the adage “Got bubbles, no troubles” goes, regular cleaning and equipment inspections help identify potential problem areas down the road.

How often do rigs need to be cleaned?

Cleaning isn’t something that’s put on a checklist and marked as complete a few times a year.

“It’s an ongoing process – when the rig’s dirty, we clean it! One day you’re scrubbing the BOPs and the substructure, and the next you trip pipe and everything’s muddy again. ‘If you’ve got time to lean, you’ve got time to clean,’ as they say!”

It’s about performance

“A Rig Manager can’t succeed without a great team. Organized rigs require everyone’s help. I would like to thank everyone on Rig 127 for doing an awesome job and taking pride in their work, day in and day out.”

“Not only are we keeping a clean rig, but we’re also performing well,” summarized Stewart, whose rig just completed its last five wells ahead of the curve while also working safely. Stay tuned as the crew on Rig 127 pushes for a sixth.

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