5 tips for a roughneck starting their career with Trinidad

Trinidad Drilling Drilling Rig 106

When Mike Heier founded Trinidad Drilling in 1996, he knew that as the company grew, he wanted to build awesome rigs while fostering a culture that put people first. By offering on-the-job training and promoting from within, Heier’s visions ring true today – just ask our CEO, Lyle Whitmarsh; our Top Drive Superintendent, Brent Kryzanowski; and our Canadian HSE Compliance Manager, Erika Rocha.

Rig Manager Wayne Adam’s career progression at Trinidad has been no different. Adam’s journey to his current gig on Rig 127 in Saudi Arabia began on Rig 106, when we expanded south of the 49th parallel in 2005. After ten plus years with us, Adam’s opinion of the company hasn’t changed one bit.

“I bleed Trinidad teal. I’ve always been proud of the company’s direction. Our people are professional and our rigs are the cream of the crop! C’mon, who wouldn’t want to be us?” chuckled Adam.

Listen up as Adam shares five tips for a roughneck ready to start their career in Trinidad teal:

  1. Trinidad Drilling International Rig Manager Wayne Adam
    We like to call this one “A Man and his Rig” (courtesy of Wayne Adam)

    Safety always comes first. Set the example as a safety leader so the people around you know where your standards are at.

  2. Get to know the people you work with and understand their strengths and weaknesses before you judge their abilities.
  3. Strive to learn something new every day. Some days, you’ll be surprised who you learn from.
  4. Make a plan and work your plan,” was taught to Adam by Chad Britt, one of his Superintendents in the US division. Adam find this statement holds a lot of truth every day everywhere, including Saudi.
  5. Work hard, and absorb all the knowledge you can and Trinidad will take you places. Some just might be around the world!

Teamwork makes dream work

Adam’s career growth comes down to the people he’s been mentored by over the years. In his earlier days in Trinidad’s US division, Garland Boutwell, Jim Bob Sheppard, and Chad Britt stand out. Today, he owes it to his crews and the supervisors in Saudi.

“They’re the ones who make me proud of where I am today. From my back-to-back Rig Manager Tracy Stewart, the Junior Rig Managers, the Drillers, to the newest Roustabout… I wouldn’t be where I am without my team.”

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