Life #OfftheRig with Motorhand James Pauls

This is the latest edition of our #OfftheRig blog series; a series dedicated to our crews and the things they enjoy most on and off the rigs.

This week we caught up with James Pauls, Motorhand on Trinidad Rig 32, a 182,000 daN tele double in our Canadian fleet.

Days off James

Believe it or not, when Pauls is enjoying his ten days off the rig (he’s currently on a 20 and 10 schedule) he has his hands full. The five-year Trinidad veteran and his family have nine dogs in total: Dodge, Duchess, Angel, Diva, Misty, Elvis, Charlie, Justice and Jewel. When he’s not filling bowls of dog food or catching up around the house, you’ll find Pauls with his golf clubs and cleats in tow, hitting the links.

Days on James

Describe a day in the life of a Motorhand on Rig 32.

As a Motorhand, it’s my responsibility to ensure the rig’s engines are running properly. I do oil changes, test the machinery, maintain the boiler systems, and clean the engines. I also help out the Derrickhand and work the floor when we’re tripping pipe and making connections.

What’s your favourite part of working on the rigs?

The best part of working on the rigs is the guys I work with – they really do make the job easy and are always helping one another out. Without that kind of crew, days would feel a bit longer and it would be less of an adventure.

What does working for Trinidad mean to you and your family?

Working for Trinidad is great. The way they take care of their guys while they’re at work and when they’re at home is second-to-none. Working motors helps me give my family (and dogs) a better life, which just makes everything a little easier.


Keep an eye out for more #OfftheRig blog posts this year! In the meantime, let us know what your typical day #OfftheRig looks like on FacebookTwitter and Instagram using the hashtag.

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